We’ve all been waiting, slowly, patiently, and extremely nervously, for this day to come. Regardless of political views, this whole community (and the whole world) will be on the edge of our seats tonight as the electoral votes roll in. Where’s the best place to Bushwick to settle in, have a stiff drink (or five), and hopefully celebrate later on? We’ve got a few places in mind, just leave your Republican friends at home…

#5 MamaJoys (1084 Flushing Ave)

This quaint soul-food restaurant on Flushing will be serving  Red State, Blue State, and Swing State drink and food specials.  Hopefully a food fight will not erupt later as the results pile in.


#4 Alaska (35 Ingraham Street)

Directly from their facebook: “If Obama wins a second term, we will extend happy hour til 4am. But if Romney wins, we will extend happy hour indefinitely, lulling ourselves into a permanent drunken stupor.” – Either way, drink up.


#3 Grace Exhibition Space (480 Broadway)

PERFORMANCE ART! LIVE ELECTION COVERAGE! BARACK OBAMA VS. MITT ROMNEY! PERFORMANCE ART VS. TELEVISION! BROOKLYN 2012! $10 Suggested donation gets you performance art, election results, and free beer.


#2 Pine Box Rock Shop (12 Grattan St)

The space is wide, the beers are cheap, and the TVs are big. Just don’t sarcastically yell “ROMNEY 2012!” so loudly that the bikers across the street hear you. Then this night could get way uglier.


#1 Miles Bar  (101 Wilson St)

The classy wine-and-snacks bar will be filled tonight with intellectuals sipping Oolong Island Iced Tea and gazing at the numbers. It’s our number one pick because they’re giving a free shot to everyone who brings their “I Voted” sticker! Can’t beat that.