Londoner Nimrod Kamer Conquers Bushwick and Fakes Obama’s Birth

Just in time for elections, Nimrod Kamer dropped the fakest fake video in the faking world…. He released a video that faked Obama Sr. filming his son’s birth in Kenya. Before we could even get our active asses to the voting booths, this philospher, satirist, performance artist, comedian, and the only Gonzo Journalist at Vice U.K., created the video with the help and heaping sum of $250 to the owner of Bushwick’s own Body Actualized Center.  Bushwick, in a weird and successful twist of fate has officially become a part of 2012 election history, thanks to Kamer.

Obama’s fake birth managed to get the attention of not only the New York Observer and Bushwick residents, but managed to ping over to Arizona state Sheriff, Joe Arapaio who claimed in 2011 that Obama was born in Kenya and refused to believe that the birth certificate Obama provided at a 2011 white house press conference was real. “In Arizona they tried to put O off the ballot until they got further docs from Hawaii,” stated Kamer in last week’s Observer article.

What drove Kamer to take on this assignment? “Filming Obama’s fake 1961 Kenya birth with an instagram-like video app, is just something that needed to be done. It was the missing piece in the birther puzzle. They already faked the birth certificate (search google images), someone had to give them the 8mm film. We intentionally chose a fat baby, who was too big to fail.”

What’s even more amazing is that Kamer went a step further and released the Making of Obama’s Kenya Birth Video. Ripe with footage following Kamer into a surgical supply store and interviews with the parents of the baby-actor playing Obama, this could be seen as nothing short of a modern-day Meta-Comedic-Performance art that not even us in Bushwick, or the U.S. are ready for. But we can’t take our eyes off of it, even if we want to look away! With over 15,000 viewers, Kamer has proven that he has grabbed the attention of BKLYN, as well as constituents all over the states.

So, why did he choose Bushwick as the base of Obama’s Fake birth instead of say, Carroll Gardens or Greenpoint? “We chose Bushwick because it already looks like 1961 Kenya,” he slyly noted as I g-chatted with Kamer. “Bushwick is the equivalent of Dalston in London, as lame Williamsburg is the equivalent of lame Shoreditch (East London).”

Aside from filming fake births of major U.S. presidents, and making Bushwick a home-base of these projects, Kamer dully noted about his newly adopted Bushwick “Quintessentially, Kave is the best hook up spot in town between 2 to 6pm during a weekday-hurricane-day, and on Sundays. After work I like to buy a family size Oreo cake in Associated supermarket and offer it to chicks in the near by Maria Hernandez park. I fell in love 3 times doing that last week.” And there you have it. Nimrod, Bushwick is in love with you too! Don’t stray far and come back and visit us!

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