Where to drop off donations for Sandy victims in Bushwick [Updated]

If you can’t volunteer, please consider a donation to the victims of hurricane Sandy. Among items needed the most are: non perishable food items, water, batteries, flashlights,  blankets and sleeping bags, socks, cleaning supplies, pet food, paper towels, baby food and baby items, brooms, anti-bacterial soaps, blankets, sleeping bags, bottled water, warm food, coffee, phone chargers, bread, cold cuts, protein bars, ready to eat food (there is no power or gas for cooking in many areas), cleaning supplies, bleach, paper towels, mops, juice boxes, snacks for kids, PLEASE NO MORE CLOTHING.

This is a list of donation hubs in greater Bushwick area  (updated as new ones emerge or as we hear of new ones). If you know of other places, please leave us a comment or email us at bushwickdailyATgmail.com. If you are a local business who would like to get connected with a Sandy relief organization, contact us as well.

#1 House of Yes

Where: 342 Maujer St. Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: Friday, November 2: 8am-7pm; Saturday, November 3, 8am- 7pm; Sunday, November 4, 8am- 1am

Who will benefit: Far Rockaway

Note: Door is open, put your donations next to the table or on it in the front part of the space. were working on diesel/biodiesel options now, so when the gas runs out we will still be able to make runs with your donations

#2 The Loom (The Loom Yoga Center, Living Gallery, Better Than Jam, Bushwick Chabad)

Where: 1087 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: The drop off bag is outside so you can stop by at any time.

Who will benefit: Far Rockaway

#3 Bat Haus

Where: 279 Starr Street, Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: 9am-7pm on weekdays (starting Monday, November 5) and Saturday, November 10, 12-7PM

Who will benefit: Coney Island

Note: Ask for Natalie and Cody

#4 Roberta’s Pizza

Where: 261 Moore St., Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: Mon-Friday 6-11pm; Sat-Sun 10 am – midnight

#5 Pearl’s Social & Billy Club

Where: 40 St. Nicholas, Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: Whole day Saturday, next pick up on Sunday monring

Note: Pearl’s will buy you a drink for a donation!

#6 Sweet & Shiny 

Where: 214 Knickerbocker, Brooklyn, GMAP

Note: You will get a free cupcake for a donation!

#7 King’s County Bar

Where: 286 Seigel St., Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: 4pm-4am

#8 XPO 929

Where: 929 Broadway, Brooklyn, GMAP

Hours: Mon-Fri 9pm-4am

Who will benefit: Staten Island


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