Bushwick (and beyond) art events this weekend

The life in Bushwick hasn’t stopped despite the devastation in other neighborhoods. Let’s be grateful for this and take this opportunity to explore the neighborhood beyond our regular routes.

According to Bushwick business owners

, it seems that that’s what many Bushwick residents have been doing in the past couple of days. Support local art and go to the openings this weekend, because as

we saw in Chelsea

and other places in New York, art shouldn’t be taken for granted.

 #1 The Zenith Group Show @ CCCP Gallery (Friday, 6-9PM)

CCCP, a gallery in the basement of 56 Bogart building is opening a show tonight featuring works of Ron Richter, Boris Tyomkin, Holly Prochilo, Silvia Forese and John Holt.

#2 The escape from the banal everyday life to the world of the ideal @ NURTUREart (Friday, 7-9PM)

Brooke Moyse is a talented painter well-known in the neighborhood and beyond. However, tonight she will play a role of the curator of an art exhibition at NURTUREart titled  The escape from the banal everyday life to the world of the ideal. The show will feature works of Jonathan Allmaier, Tamara Gonzales, EJ Hauser, Stephen Truax, and Maria Walker.

#3 Ryan Hawk presents Alpha @ Grace Exhibition Space (Friday, 9PM)

An Exploration of Masculinity Through Aesthetics will take place tonight at Bushwick’s performance hub Grace Exhibition Space. The show will feature works of Myk Henry, Ryan Hawk, Corey Dunlap, Sarah Hill, Nicholas Schaffer & John O’Donoghue.


#4 Emily Deutchman: “Presidents With Boob Faces” @ Living Gallery (Saturday, 7-11PM)

It is quite timely to look at the faces of American presidents with boobs, don’t you think? Emily Deutchman’s solo show at Living Gallery will gladly provide the view.

#5 Justin Gainan / Erika Lynne Hanson: Notes on Land @ Tompkins Project (Saturday, 6-9PM)

On Saturday night head over to Bed Stuy’s Tompkins Project for a show of Justin Gainan  and Erika Lynne Hanson. In the exhibition, the artists are questioning of interaction with landscape, the referencing of art history, and the tinge of nostalgia.

#6 The Highwaymen #8 @ Microscope Gallery (Saturday, 7PM)


If poetry is needed to make your day, head over to Microscope Gallery on Saturday night because they are hosting the 8th installment of a poetry reading series The Highwaymen. You will see poets Laura Henriksen, Brett Price, Polly Bresnick, and Jay Deshpande. [UPDATE: The Highwaymen poetry reading series has been postponed to Nov 28, 7pm as many of the authors were unable to make it to Bushwick.]


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