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Halloween is my all-time favorite opportunity to analyze people’s personalities and sexuality by the way they express themselves through their costumes. I have taken the opportunity to  so here with some revelers I encountered this past Saturday night. If you do make it out this week for Halloween, feel free to send in your own photos of yourself or others—I will analyze and post them here next week! (All photos courtesy of Phillip Buehler.)

Ryan 23, Student When I asked Ryan what his costume was, he said Slutty Sex Tranny. I also asked him if he was straight or gay, to which he replied, “I don’t choose my partners based on what sex they are.” This guy definitely gets my vote for The Person To Go Home With. You’ll have to wait out everyone else to the end of the party though, and you might run out of energy by then—a burrito will likely distract you from any human no matter how appetizing.

Jessica, 34, “Looking like she’s in a hurricane” costume

Jessica, 34, Journalist Jessica’s costume, a hurricane inspired windblown ensemble, was smart, of the moment  and all business. It seems to me she wants you to think she’s intelligent and not too approachable re: coat and broken umbrella; unless you have something witty to say or some other kind of social currency.


Hillary, 22, Assistant Account  Executive Hillary is as adorable as the kittens that she is giving away in her kitten holster . She is giving off cute and vulnerable vibes, which says trusting and available. She also emanates conflicting “nice girl” vibes, which reserves her the right to call you out if you act too stupid around her.

Jason 38, Research Scientist Jason is an interesting mix. He’s flaunting drugs, but it’s done in an intellectual, not in a visceral way, so it’s hard to tell what his point of view is. Also, when you talk to Jason, you can find out pretty quickly that he is a scientist, which made me think about how he may just see drugs as a tool of the trade . If you want to have a stimulating conversation, hoping that he will ask for your phone number, this is your guy.


Kimbo, 22, Waitress Kimbo has a hot body and Halloween is her friend. She has a great way of showing it off without going overboard into slutty. She can skim off the nice guys and leave all the tattooed, radical guys for the rest of us who prefer crossing that slut line when we have the chance.

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XOX always! Dr. Lisa