This year’s Halloween turned out a little differently than we all hoped for… Devastating hurricane Sandy virtually shut down the city, caused many tragedies, and lead to the cancellation of the most events around the city. Bushwick was lucky enough not to suffer of the power outage, nor extensive floods; but due to subway system being shut, Bushwick residents have found themselves stranded in our lovely neighborhood. Luckily we have bikes that never let us down. So if despite the general gloomy mood you’re up for some Halloween fun, we have several awesome tips for you tonight.

#1 Boozy milkshakes @ Alaska, 8pm-4am

Alaska won our hearts not only because of the taxidermy deer heads on their walls, but mainly because of their occasional boozy milkshake nights. Tonight they are serving Bourbon Vanilla, Pumpkin Whiskey and Blood (?!) Milkshake. We’ve tried the Bourbon Vanilla one, and hereby swear that it is a beverage to die for. Put on a costume if you feel like it, and dive into pure milkshake pleasure!

#2 Sounds From The Swamp: Halloween Bash @ Lonewolf, 8pm

Lone Wolf, our beloved dive bar under the JMZ tracks, didn’t cancel their Halloween party! From 8pm, they are inviting everyone to listen to music shows by Dead Sexy SheilaLittle Radar and Cave Days. The show is free and will go until late.

#3 Free jukebox night @ Cain’s Tavern

Cain’s Tavern, a cute neighborhood gem on Wilson Ave, is having a free juke box night tonight. Go make your own party when strolling through Bushwick in a costume!

#4 Scary good drink specials and costume contest @ Miles, 8pm

At cozy bar Miles on Wilson, they are promising delicious Halloween drinks specials and a they’ll be giving away a bar tab to the best costume! Now that’s a reason to dress up!

#5 Costume contest, dance party and free jello shots @ Heavy Woods

A little update here: Also Heavy Woods is open for some Halloween fun; they are having a contest with $150 in costume prizes, dance party and free jello shots! Additionally, they are sending everyone a Heavy Woods Halloween Haiku:

The night breaks now

And still I hear the sweet sound

of one hand humpingBoo!

#5 Greenpointers’ Toxic Codependent Halloween Dance Party @ Greenpoint Hights

Our BFF blog Greenpointers is still on for their crazy dance party. Bike to Greenpoint if you’re up for some codependent Halloween costumes and a lot of fun!