Megan Burney

[email protected]

Today the Black Lives Matter movement is holding a nationwide economic blackout.  The idea is to withhold from all spending today as an economic protest in order to demonstrate the everyday contribution of People of Color.  So members of the Black Lives Matter movement and its allies are asked to avoid any and all spending today, however, if money must be spent please do so at a black-owned business.

In addition to the economic blackout, the following events are also taking place:


 9 a.m. 1118 Grand Concourse – Eviction Protest


 9 a.m. 141 Livingston Street – Eviction Protest

 5 p.m. Camden Plaza Park – Black Veteran Lives Matter Rally

 7 p.m. McCarren Park – Vigil


 4 p.m. Washington Square Park – March

 5 p.m. Washington Square Park – Civil Revolt

 7 p.m. Carl Schurz – Vigil with ASL interpreter

Cover photo by Megan Burney

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