Shelby Quinn


Thursday evening, Nicole Posinelli was the victim of a dog abduction in Bushwick. Posinelli’s boyfriend [name undisclosed] was walking their two pitbulls on Broadway. During the walk, Posinelli’s boyfriend stopped at McDonalds to pick up food, leaving both dogs tied to a grounded pole outside. 

When Posinelli’s boyfriend came back outside, he found one dog, untied from the pole, and one dog missing. 

It’s been one week, and the search for American Pit Bull, Havoc, yields no leads. In an interview with NBC New York, Posinelli publicly offered a reward for the safe return of her pup.

Havoc (darker) pictured with Rogue. Image courtesy of Guillermo Martinez.

“I just feel like he’s taken my baby,” Posinelli laments, “I don’t know why anyone would do it, and I’m scared because there’s so many reasons why people take this breed.”

Surveillance footage recovered by NYPD captured the dog-napper running full-speed down Gates with Havoc. The police have opened an investigation.

Havoc and his sister Rogue have been emotional support companions to Nicole. The bond between the siblings creates anxiety for Rogue, who howls whenever Nicole leaves the apartment, missing her brother. The owner herself describes Havoc as her shadow, playfully following her about the house. 

If you have any information, contact Nicole at [email protected], or NYPD, who opened an investigation.

Cover image courtesy of Guillermo Martinez.

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