There’s An Official Shutdown Date For The Upcoming L-Pocalypse

Angely Mercado

[email protected]

There’s an official L train shutdown date for 2019: April 27. 

The MTA recently announced the shutdown date according to a report in NY1. The Canarsie Tunnel will be closed for repairs for 15 months. The L will still run within Brooklyn, but it will no longer be crossing into Manhattan. 

Some transportation alternatives during the L-pocalypse will include taking the G, M and J trains. Most trains that connect along the L line will have increased service during the shutdown. 

Those who are physically able to should consider hopping aboard the bike train, or stay tuned for more information about electric scooters

And those with the financial means can consider signing up for a luxury L train alternative that takes people from their front steps to Manhattan. USB ports, wi-fi and breakfast is included in the $155 price tag. 

To see more about the L train shutdown, check out some of our coverage here.

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Cover photo courtesy of Evan Haddad

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