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Pilotworks, a shared kitchen space for food entrepreneurs, located in Bushwick, made a surprise announcement to its members Saturday evening that the space will be closed permanently on Oct. 17.

Pilotworks offered commercial kitchen space, mentor programs and distribution services to food startups in Brooklyn, Newark, Chicago, Dallas and Providence. According to former Pilotworks Members, the abrupt shutdown will impact operations for 175 locally based independent food entrepreneurs in Brooklyn.

A message on the Pilotworks site reads:

It is with a heavy heart that after failing to raise the necessary capital to continue operations, Pilotworks will cease operations on October 13th, 2018. We realize the shock of this news and the disruption it causes for the independent food community we were so honored to serve.

This is a sad outcome for Pilotworks, the makers in our kitchens, and independent food in general. We wish there was another option to continue operating. Sadly, there was not. The work the independent food community is doing is amazing and inspiring. We know it will live on and we are deeply sorry it will not be with Pilotworks.

Questions can directed to [email protected] and we will make every attempt to answer them the best we can.



Found on Pilotworks’ website

The biggest blow will fall on the members who relied on PilotWorks Distribution program which placed member products on hundreds of supermarkets shelves across the country.  The companies affected may lose their entire distribution network which could cripple food companies small and large.

David Roa, Pilotworks Member and Co-Founder of Superlost Coffees, told Bushwick Daily that the incubator has also shut down all internal communication channels and social media making it extremely difficult for members to gain more information or contact the Pilotworks leadership team.

Roa also informed Bushwick Daily that the former members have started organizing and will be releasing a statement soon.

This story is developing and we will update as we learn more.

Photo Courtesy of Superlost Coffee 

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