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Local coffee roasters Superlost Coffee are going to send five pounds of java into space, but they need the community’s support to make it happen.

The owners, David Roa and Craig Deahl, plan to use a weather balloon to shoot the coffee, 100 golden coffee beans and some bracelets into outer space from upstate New York, near Rochester.

“Using we can map out a predictive path of landing based on that day’s weather conditions we will plan on a day that it will land in a non populated area where we can retrieve it by asking the property owner if we can go on their land to get it,” they said in an email to Bushwick Daily.

There will also be a GoPro and GPS tracker so that there’s video of the lift off and it’s descent back down to earth. According to the duo, it’s an idea they’ve been playing around with since Elon Musk launched his car into space. They figured that they could do it with their coffee too.

The launch will also be live streamed on Instagram and Youtube to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

“There are few moments in our lives where we can be part of something truly unique,” Roa and Deahl said in an email. “This is the one moment you have to be able to say you drank something that went into space and be able to pull up video footage to prove it.”

Donations on the Kickstarter campaign range from $1 to over $1000. Gifts for donating to the cause are Superlost t-shirts, stickers, golden coffee beans, bracelets and even being able to attend the launch and drink some of the space java.

Cover photo courtesy of the Superlost Kickstarter

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