Angely Mercado

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Community members will be protesting today in front of the laundromat near the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Hart Street in Bushwick on behalf of 4-year-old Luz Gonzalez who died after being run over by an SUV. 

The child was hit by a car with her mother on Hart Street on June 24 by an SUV that was coming out of the sidewalk parking lot of the laundromat. 

The driver has yet to face charges. 

Bushwick was quick to call for justice for Gonzalez and her family. There are a growing number posts on social media with the tag #justiceforluz

The Key Food across the street from the laundromat has set up a donation box for the family.

Several community members will be protesting in front of Clean City Laundry Center today at 5 p.m. and then will march to the 83rd precinct. 

Image courtesy of Tom Starkweather

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