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It’s nice out! It’s almost June! It’s time to fill up on some BBQs and wash them down with some badass shows. Check out some free shows, a show at the beach perhaps, at a house party, or a late night birthday bash with rad bands and fun times for all. This week we’ve got not ten…not eleven…but TWELVE great shows to pick from!

#12 MY TEENAGE STRIDE / MILK DICK / RODEO JONES @ Radio Bushwick (FRI 8pm, $7)

Bushwick’s own My Teenage Stride has been quiet for a little while, but are back in action at neighborhood hot spot Radio Bushwick with Milk Dick and Rodeo Jones. 10 points if you spot the longest rat tail in Brooklyn.

#11 Free Cake for Every Creature, Frankie Cosmos, Adult Mom, Quarterbacks, Radiator Hospital @ Silent Barn (FRI 6pm, $7)

Free Cake for Every Creature is a little misleading, as we have no idea if there will be cake at this show and we certainly hope that there would be, however, it is their celebration of a new release on Ridgewood label Double Double Whammy. They will also be sharing the stage with other awesome lo-fi, folk-ish act Frankie Cosmos and her mellow bedroom jams. If you are feeling fun and thrifty, you could pay $10 to stay for both this show and the late night show featuring Ricky Eat Acid and Foxes in Fiction.

#10 Shelter Dogs, The Seconds, Saint Cobra @ Pet Rescue (SAT 8:30pm, $5 donation)

Pet Rescue is having their last show this spring before chilling out a bit for the summer. Celebrate with them at a show with distorted guitar, echoed vocals and DEFINITELY some wailing keyboard action!

#9 PAWS, Alex G, The Dirty Nil, MA @ Shea Stadium (SAT 8pm, $8)

http://vimeo.com/wehavepaws/tonguesofficialvideo Saturday night you can follow up a day of sunshine at Shea Stadium with Bushwick Music Crush alumnis PAWS, and Alex G, also playing are The Dirty Nil and Ma. Definitely a chill, night full of some laid back jangly sounds as well as a sprinkling of screams and yelps, and of course, clanging drums.

#8 Tongues, Vape Drip and Body Parts @ Manhattan Inn (SUN 10pm, FREE)

This is a birthday party show in celebration of one of the band members who is playing in multiple bands this night. Manhattan Inn has become a go-to spot for shows if you are up for late nights, good foo, and a slight trek to Greenpoint. Celebrate a birthday, listen to experimental strings and melodic vocal harmonies as you prepare for more cookouts on Monday!

#7 Jazz Casual, Winstons, Lunifred Benjamin, Gregory Mendez @ Palisades (FRI 8pm, $5 Donation)

Donate money and go check out some great local sounds at Palisades in addition to Philly musician, Gregory MendezJazz Casual graces the subways with his musical presence and will be playing some more experimental sounds this Friday. Also playing are Winstons and Lunifred Benjamin with a little bit of punk, a little bit of freak-folk, and a lot of awesome.

#6 Rockaway Beach Party @ Rockaway Beach Surf Club (SAT 1pm, FREE w/RSVP)

NY Night Train and Panache Booking present this fantastic beach party (FINALLY BEACH PARTIES!) on Saturday afternoon. As they promise, there will be ALL DAY BANDS, dancing, limbo and cocktails. Who could ask for anything more? Don’t forget to RSVP here so it’s free!

#5 Silver Teeth, The Rice Cakes, Mountain Animation, Haunt the House, Wilder Maker, Mary-Elaine Jenkins @ Spike Hill (FRI 7pm, FREE)

So many bands, so little time. Check out this stellar line up on Friday night at Spike hill with local duo Silver Teeth (Bill n’ Gabi) and Wilder Maker and so many more great acts it’ll make your head spin!

#4 Jumbo Brown @ Skinny Dennis (SUN 4pm, FREE)

Jumbo Brown bring their “Big City, Country Blues” to Williamsburg’s only honky tonk bar on Sunday for a memorial day treat. The 6-piece is full of hard-rocking, talented guys who love jamming out together as much as they do cracking jokes through their set. Their anthem “She Never Let my Bottle Go Dry” will have you giggling sweet tea cocktails through your nose.

#3 Highly Suspect, Whiskey Bitches, The Shake, HAWT ME$$ @ Trash Bar (THURS 8pm, $7)

The theme of this show is whiskey, so prepare for an amazing shit show of alcohol themed songs, drunken stage antics and a lot of screaming. Bushwick’s Whiskey Bitches will be playing with their sister band HAWT ME$$ , both bands singing about debauchery and the consequences of drinking alcohol. They are sharing the stage with fellow booze inspired bands Highly Suspect and The Shake. Get there (early so you can enjoy the 8-9 happy hour). Get drunk. Rock out. Pass out.

#2 Burnt Pelican Fest @ Shorewave Haus ((FRI 8pm, $5)

You’d have to be crazy to miss the Burnt Pelican Fest, a one-night extravaganza that we can only assume features forklifts of toast and a garden full of bird sculptures. What we do know about this party, at Shorewave Records HQ, is that it’s got a killer lineup of bands for the night: our faves Zula, Honey Wild, The Can’t Tells, and DRGN King from philly! Plus it’s only $5!

#1 Palehound, Yi, Turnip King, The Meltaways @ 603 Upstairs (SAT 8pm, $)

If you are into noodle-y, lo-fi punk music and the nostalgia of house shows, definitely come to 603 Upstairs after your many burgers and beers. This will be the perfect show to lull you into oblivion- happy, full, and ready to pass out with dreams of melting guitars. Check out the early Liz Phair throw-back stylings of Palehound  and so much more, this Saturday!