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Get ready, Bushwick servers (and bartenders and chefs and dishwashers and bakers and hell, just regular old drinkers and diners) a new bar/restaurant is opening on Central Ave, and they hope to cater to those ‘industry veterans’ that like to be fed after they feed everybody and that always make the best tippers.  Central Station will open grandly tomorrow night at 9 PM, revealing a small, reasonably priced menu stocked with down-to-earth, farm-to-table delectables from Executive Chef Joe Vigorito (Lupa, Dell’anima, and L’artusi alum). We’ll get you proper pics and our menu picks asap, but in the meantime, check this place out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Central Station is open starting tomorrow night from 9 PM to 1:30 AM  and opens for public on Saturday. It is located at 84 Central Avenue.