It Took the Department of Transportation 12 Years to Repave Eldert Street — But They Finally Did It

Evan Haddad


It took 12 long years for one road in Bushwick to get repaved, but it’s finally been done.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) finally got around to Eldert Street, which runs parallel to Halsey Street between Broadway and Wyckoff Avenue, after a $1.6 billion project to fix decrepit roads across the city.

From an aerial view, it really didn’t look so bad. Kinda like a day in the original Grand Theft Auto video game, minus the traffic.

But when you got up close and personal and rode your bike or drove your car along Eldert Street, you’d be confronted with the truth — or a flat tire.

So far, the DOT has completed half of its goal for repairs this year across the city. Work on the roads will continue until next Friday.

All images courtesy of Google Maps

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