Evan Haddad


As the holidays roll around, there’s always a spike in fraud. Don’t get Conned.

A Con Edison scam targeting small businesses continues to trick some into going out and buying gift cards to pay a fake bill over the phone, Ridgewood police warn.

Here’s what happens. You receive a call from someone claiming to be a Con Ed representative — your caller ID may even show Con Edison’s name — and the caller says your bill is past due and that service will be shut off immediately if you don’t pay up over the phone.

But don’t be fooled: Con Edison can’t flip a switch and put your lights out. If you get such a call, cops advise hanging up immediately and calling the number on your most recent utility bill to verify the status of your account.

The scam, which NYPD has been warning people about for years, apparently continues to dupe small businesses throughout New York. There have been some reports from regular people, however.   

Beware if the Con Man comes a-calling. Don’t answer; don’t get stung twice. The original is bogus enough.

Cover image courtesy of Gilles Lambert on Unsplash