Evan Haddad


We’ve got a customized, awesome, and eventful Bushweek for you here at Bushwick Daily. You absolutely never need to worry about making new friends again on all those dating apps. 

?? wednesday: Yoga & Tea Time

7 p.m. at Lightning Society Lofts, 245 Varet St.

Get your namaste and green tea on at the same time with yoga master Natalia Maldonado. Space is limited to 30 people on a first come, first served basis.

thursday: Artists and Historians meet to discuss preserving Brooklyn 

6:15-7:45 p.m. at Leonard Library, 81 Devoe St.

Brooklyn history heavyweights meet with artist Amy Lyons, whose work appeared in “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,” for a conversation about preserving Brooklyn history. The event is in Williamsburg, but set aside your differences and go, Bushwickers.

Friday: French Friday

7 p.m.-2 a.m. at Heavy Woods, 50 Wyckoff Ave.

Parlez vous Française? Great! Come down to Heavy Woods to practice your French speaking skills… and maybe more.

??Roller Disco Party

6-10 p.m. at House of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Ave.

Glide, ride, and fly while working your legs and your liver at this happy hour special. Get there early because equipment is limited!

saturday: Big Big Wednesday

7:30- 11:30 p.m. at H0L0, 1090 Wyckoff Ave.

Join in on Big Big Wednesday, an annual print journal of literature and visual art. There will be live readings.

Next tuesday: Prohibition tuesday

7 p.m- 2 a.m. at House of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Ave.

This week we witnessed the historic repeal of the Cabaret Law, and House of Yes is throwing a classy party with Cutty Sark to celebrate!! After 91 years, dancing is finally legal in NYC. So let’s dance, damnit!

Cover image courtesy of Regina Valetova on Unsplash