We hit the second week of May, and we couldn’t be happier about how things are in Bushwick.  The weather is warm, but not excessively hot; the events are really exciting and people are so good. This week especially brings a lot of good events. Thunderdome at the Bushwick Church or Calypso at The Bushwick Starr, and more! Here is our weekly editorial selection of the coolest things going on in our pigeon town, and if you still don’t have enough, here are our

full weekly event listings



#1 Welcome to Thurnderdome @ Bobby Redd Projects (Saturday, 10pm-3am)

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bobby, and Bobby had a church. Bobby liked to throw pretty crazy parties. So Bobby invited the entire Bushwick to experience a Thunderdome in his church. In addition to Thunderdome with bungees, Bobby will have music by Savage Severe  and Comandante Zero with special effects by Light Harvest Studios. $10 in advance and $15 at the door will get you an unforgettable thunderdome experience, and possibly a deadly sin. Every good catholic girl must think: “At least it’s a protestant church!”

#2 Calypso @ The Bushwick Starr (Wednesday through Saturday, 8pm)

Bushwick’s beloved duo Paul Rome and Roarke Menzies are inviting ya all folks for their literary performance at The Bushwick Starr. Calypso is a prose by Paul Rome with a soundrack by Roarke Menzie, and after everything we saw and heard in previous ultra-pleasant moments with this creative duo, we are very excited! Calypso seems to be the most awaited event of the Bushwick spring! So don’t think twice and get yourself an advance ticket for $10 or pay $15 at the door.

#3 Rumble in the Jungle @ Secret Bushwick Location (Friday, 6pm)

Call us suckers for warehouses, but we really like parties at secret location.  You have to take so many steps to locate it, that you really earn your party and don’t simply take it for granted. Rumble in Jungle is organized by Naked Roots and promises live bands on the roof, beer and even some kind of a free jungle juice if you come dressed up the jungle style. Additionally, there will be hoola hoops, face painting, barbeque and great visuals!

#4 Bushwick SoapBox @ Studio 10 (Sunday, 4-6pm)

Bushwick has almost everything you can possibly dream of, but we lacked one serious thing! A Soapbox! Now we’ll have it on Sunday afternoon thanks to gallery Studio 10 at 56 Bogart building. Anyone who wants to can vent, proclaim, proselytize, or just talk about something for up to three minutes is welcomed.

#5 Bushwick Daily Radio @ the Internets (Saturdays, 12-2pm, Mondays, 5pm)

You probably heard it all before, but we have a new radio! And we couldn’t be more excited! Our beloved jojo SOUL is in charge, and he’s doing an incredible job. This creative DJ brings you super smooth hip hop you wish you knew before and could listen to all the time. Moreover, he invites pretty cool people as his guests. Frequent is his buddy MC RG who might throw in some freestyling just when you tune in. If you can’t make it in the times when we broadcast live, take a listen at least from the recording.