Buying a Mattress in Bushwick is Fun!

By jojo SOUL

My wife and I have been wishing we could afford a new mattress for a while now… like everyone else I know.  A new mattress can be a pretty big investment, and to drop that much money at once usually perpetuates people putting up with the mattress they have instead.  Thankfully, it’s tax return time!

We planned to shop around and hoped to find a deal for under $500, being our box spring is fine and we’ll only need the mattress.  We started at A&B Bedding because it is right around the block on Central Ave.  There was an open door with a gentleman standing in it, the owner, Rony.  The gates were down, but upon walking up to the door, it was obvious what they specialize in here- making mattresses.  Period.  No nonsense, no showroom, no salesmen, which I find to be a relief!  When a business operates with no extra frills or embellishments solely for appearance, you know “the proof is in the pudding!”  And you could shop elsewhere, and have to pay the salesmen, the manager, the owner, the rent, the franchise, and all whom they pay, but you just can’t beat direct manufacturer-to-customer transactions, especially face-to-face.

The space is a mattress factory, containing equipment, products in progress, and finished mattresses with small rows between the piles to scoot through.  We were looking for a firm bed, and he had some suitable options already built and in stock.  He also took us outside next door to show us the components they use and where they build.  He offered an array of options that can be custom-built on site with different styles, pillow-tops, and more.  They’ve been in business for 12 years, and have a great knowledge and commitment to satisfied customers.  Since Rony had what we wanted in stock and finished, he tied it onto my van, and we were on our way with a brand new, queen-sized Jennifer mattress for $300!  He gave me a plastic bag to dispose of the old mattress in, along with his card and assured me he would take care of any problems we could have to ensure our satisfaction.

Highly recommended, and be sure to tell Rony you saw it on Bushwick Daily!

*Update: my neighbor just got mattress AND boxspring for $390!  Booya!

A.&B. Bedding- Mattress Factory, 250 Central Ave (btwn Stanhope & Himrod), Tel: (718) 483-8307, Open: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

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