Just a perfect mix. That’s what comes to our mind when looking at this

week’s event listings

for the neighborhood of Bushwick. We have everything from fulfilling your Bushwick citizen duty to flea market shopping at the least likely places. Before we proceed to looking at 5 we like the best, let’s look at the new video by Portland band


Le Gourdon.

#1 State of Loft Law – Panel Discussion @ Our Lady of Pompeii Community Room (Tuesday, 7-10pm)

Guys, if you don’t do anything this week, DO THIS!! The future of lofts as living, working and cultural spaces depends on your attendance at the panel discussion of assembly-man Vito Lopez, council-member Stephen Levin, NYC DOB, the NYC Loft Board, and council-member Erik Dilan about the current state of the Loft Law. To make the long story short, the Expanded Loft Law was passed in June 2010. The law in its current wording sucks big time for the tenants who might be subject to aribrary rent increases or even eviction. Now, we have the potential to pass an improved amendment to the law, but we have to show up in order to show political will. Come if you can, and help save the loft culture which is making Bushwick a beautiful place to live in! The meeting is held at 225 Seigel Street.

#2 Ridgewood/Bushwick Flea Market @ The Onderdonk House (Saturday, 11am-4pm)

Have you been to the Onderdonk House yet? Onderdonk House is one of the most amazing places around. Between the factories on Flushing Avenue, all of sudden you see a cute white historical house with a large garden and a picnic spot. It’s always great to visit it and forget for a second about the urban landscape surrounding you. However, it is the best to go when something is happening. Like a flea market this Saturday. Over 50 vendors will be selling antiques, hand-made products, clothes, toys, and hot food. The admission of free, and if you want to take a tour of the historical house, they will make it happen for only $3 per person.

#3 Momenta Spring Benefit @ Momenta Art (Wednesday, 6-10pm)

Momenta Art is a non-profit organization supporting emerging and underrepresented artists. On Wednesday, they are having a big fancy benefit party. Normally, the events we recommend are free or very cheap, this one is at least $250. BUT! Besides the good feel that you helped where it was needed, the $250 ticket will get you admission for two and raffled art work donated by accomplished artists.

#4 New Goo @ The Freedom Garden (Saturday, 5:30pm-1am)

Whenever we think that we know every DIY venue in Bushwick, a new one grows in front of our eyes… Have you heard about The Freedom Garden? It’s located on 294 Troutman St, and this Saturday they will have an awesome music festival there. $10 will get you 10 acts from a full spectrum of musical styles – chamber works, free improvisation, multimedia performance, experimental pop, and punk rock.

#5 JOEY @ 566 Johnson Ave (Friday, 7-10pm)

Have you ever hoped to be invited to a cool almost spontaneous art show and party at a studio building? Oh well, stop hoping and get going. You are invited to JOEY, an art show of four female painters (Alicia Gibson, Amanda B. Friedman, Meghan Petras, Sara Murphy) with a DJ set by Melissa Brown and a rap by Gina Beavers. Sounds crazy enough?  See ya there!