By Katarina Hybenova

Bushwick and Ridgewood galleries have always been surrounded by a haze of a mystery. Galleries in apartments, galleries in garages, pop up shows popping right in front of your eyes on the most unlikely places….  As the gallery community is growing everyday, it is harder and harder to keep track of all the art happenings in the neighborhood without a little help. To shed a little bit of light into the Bushwick gallery mystery, we created a whole new page on Bushwick Daily titled “Galleries” dedicated solely to the programming of the galleries in the area. Galleries page contains a map and a calendar – two tools that can prove to be invaluable when exploring the Bushwick art scene. Both the map and the calendar have been created following the initiative of the gallery owners who themselves wanted to know who is open on the weekend or who has an opening on Friday night.

The map contains the location of 38 galleries and art spaces in Bushwick/Ridgewood area. The map is downloadable and in addition contains the contacts to the gallery owners and a link to their websites. If you have a gallery in the area that is not listed on the map, please contact us, and we will add you on the map.

The calendar is contains all the art events in the neighborhood. It is curated directly by the galleries who have access to a public google calendar where they can add art openings, events or simply times during which they are open. You don’t have to be a gallery if you want to enter your art event. Simply add it to the calendar and it will appear on Bushwick Daily shortly. If you have any issues with the calendar, shoot us an email, and we will help you.

We at Bushwick Daily are pretty happy to see all the information at one place, and are very happy to be able to help the gallerist community as well as curious art explorers. For the future, we are planning to develop more tools, both for the online as well as offline world.