Update: Cops Fatally Shot an 18-Year-Old Robbery Suspect Near Maria Hernandez Park Last Night

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Magdalena Waz


Police officers fatally shot a man who held up a Bushwick grocery store on Sunday morning after he pointed what turned out to be an imitation pistol at them, according to police.

The trouble began just before 12:40 a.m. on Feb. 19, when the unidentified man allegedly held up the Garden Deli located at 185 Starr St. NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan said the perpetrator displayed a weapon during the stickup.

Surveillance footage of the robbery.

After he fled, officers from the 83rd Precinct were called to the scene. Witnesses provided a sergeant and two police officers with a description of the perpetrator.

Moments later, authorities said, the responding officers spotted the perpetrator walking west on Starr Street. They approached him in front of an apartment building on Starr Street near Irving Avenue, across the street from Maria Hernandez Park, and ordered him to stop.

Monahan said that the suspect—seen holding a black firearm—turned around and pointed it at the officers, who then opened fire, striking him multiple times.

People took to social media immediately and warned others to stay away from the area. Some reported police helicopters and a total closure of Maria Hernandez Park.

Immediately following the incident, residents of Starr Street were asked not to leave their buildings. Currently, police are telling Starr Street residents that if they leave their buildings they will not be allowed back onto the street.

Officers recovered the suspect’s weapon, which was determined to be an imitation pistol.

The recovered weapon.

Paramedics brought the man to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was later identified as Sergio Reyes, 18, of Wilson Avenue.

The investigation is ongoing. Stay tuned for more information.

Starr Street. Image courtesy of Nico Barnes.

Featured image: Starr Street by Magdalena Waz for Bushwick Daily.

Emilie Ruscoe contributed reporting to this piece.

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