Magdalena Waz


East Williamsburg has always been home to industrial endeavors; this new workshop, showroom, and storefront at 99 Scott Ave. combines industry and design in a way that mimics both the industrial and creative leanings of the neighborhood.

It is simply called The Space, and it encompasses an almost too dizzying array of production and art through a collaboration between Max Poglia, Helio Ascari, and Alessandro Squarzi who met in Florence and are now bringing Italian design to a dead end street where Honey’s and Bunker have already taken up residence around the corner. 

Max Poglia is the man behind Poglia, a men’s brand featuring knives, leather bags, and other handmade goods. His products will now be handcrafted right in Bushwick’s backyard along with Helio Ascari’s bicycles, which might actually be so beautiful you probably wouldn’t want to tarnish them in the streets. 

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They also describe themselves as a brand incubator boasting collaborators such as Matt Hranek a traveller and editor who will be hosting happy hours, Ludlow Blunt a celebrity hairstylist who will be providing fancy haircuts at The Space, and Jay Bearden a collector who will be curating some vintage finds for the showroom. And that, surprisingly, is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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Whatever comes of this venture, it looks like the people involved have curated a long list of worldly men to showcase their work in the huge raw space.

According to their website, The Space is not quite open to the public, and when it does open, it is unclear how locals will be able to take advantage of it. 

Featured image of The Space courtesy of Ascari Bicycles.