How to Impress Your Bushwick Date on Valentine’s Day (5 Practical Steps)

By Maria Gotay, Chris Heuberger and Katarina Hybenova

Take your significant other/person you’re courting/Bushwickian you met last night on a scenic Bushwick walk. And by scenic, I mean among some of Bushwick’s saddest streets. Jefferson street between Irving and Wycoff is pretty bleak, but together you can conquer the loneliness of this urban wasteland. Count forgotten plastic dime baggies, take pictures of warped tires draped upon bushes, try not to inhale too much car exhaust. You might get suddenly afraid by how loud your footprints sound bouncing between warehouses and have to hold hands! ROMANTIC. *Also recommended* Johnson St East of Varick, Locust Street turning into Lewis Ave.

Thrift stores! What better way to connect with someone than to scavenge through racks of ridiculous clothing. Try on costumes together, pick out things for each other, steal things as a team. Green Village @ 276 Starr Street and Urban Jungle @ 118 Knickerbocker St are just a couple good ones in the hood. Happy shopping!

One can never go wrong with Burger King- least that’s a rule that my roommate and her boyfriend go by. There’s a convinient BK down on Broadway near the Myrtle/Broadway stop, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and the Burger King on Broadway is really special. Hail a gypsy cap to the corner of Myrtle and Knickerbocker and open your eyes to the unforgettable 50’s diner style Burger King, complete with antique-car-booths. Now get two whopper value meals, (or veggie burger value meals if that’s your preference) settle in the hottest car booth, and watch the valentine’s day cliente file in (they’re bound to entertain)

Go to Life Cafe just the day before Valentine’s and and enjoy the half price bottle of wine they offer in this Bushwick establishment every Monday. Because cheap wine never failed to put ya in the mood….

…Or take your act on the road and perform at Goodbye Blue Monday’s Tuesday Night Teacup Open Mic. If your Valentine survives this, they will survive everything! Just keep it clean.

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