By Maria Gotay

One of the Bushwick’s newest mysteries The Body Actualized Center is nestled into what looks like a converted garage on Troutman street. The space houses all sorts of activities, acting as a yoga center, art space, performance venue, community kitchen, and more. All activities are aimed at bettering the self and learning while doing so. Basically, it’s one of the most open-ended DIY spaces in Brooklyn. They host yoga twice daily throughout the week and also have an excellent Cosmic Yoga session every Sunday evening. I joined them for their last cosmic yoga session before they closed to undergo some renovations.

Our class was lead by Amy, whom you may have seen somewhere around Bushwick with her huge smile and carefree attitude. She’s teaches a mellow Vinyasa yoga class with Kundalini breathing elements. It’s a very personal experience to do yoga in the quiet, dark, and chilly studio, where no one cares or even notices how long you can hold a shoulder stand. During cosmic yoga the experience is even more special- the session features live music! Last week a cellist played slow, beautiful, theraputic songs that really made the practice more sensory and enveloping. The cathartic class lasted about an hour and a half, featured very personal direction, and cost a mere ten dollars.

After the class finished a crowed of others arrived to enjoy the raw vegan meal that followed. A few cooks crowded the small kitchen and served thai-themed goods they had prepared for the occassion. The meal was beautiful! Big thanks to Nick, one of the chefs who prepared the feast, who sent me over a list of ingredients and items! The meal featured a smorgasborg of vegan dishes, including:

Raw Thai Patties. With sprouted black garbanzo beans, basil, ground sesame seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. Served on sliced radish

Thai Curry. With Kobucha squash, burdock root and red peppers. Topped with a raw green curry sauce.

Cabbage salad. Purple cabbage, Siberian kale, basil, and sprouted mung beans. Served with a sesame ginger dressing

Raw Thai spicy apple pie and Strawberry maufrois

It was delicious, healthy, and local!

Keep your eyes and ears out for future events, comic and daily yoga at the BAC, which will re-open in a few weeks with a fresh new shene. Like them on facebook to get all the details.

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