Top 5 Coolest Events in Bwick This Week

It seems like the spring has reached our beloved pigeon town prematurely; and even though it might feel confusing at times (“are we reading and baking cookies or are we partying and celebrating spring?”), it doesn’t really feel bad. The events in Bushwick this week are all pretty awesome, and here are the 5 coolest according to Bushwick Daily….

#1 Mushroom Universe (Art Opening + 90s Dance Party) @ 950 Hart //Friday 7-10PM is our sister project, and the 1st Internet-based art space in Bushwick focusing on endorsing emerging artists, and using the power of the Internet to introduce the art from Bushwick area to the young people all around the world. The December launch of the project featuring four brilliant artists (Julie Torres, Eric Trosko, Nate Anspaugh and Over Under) has been super-successful! We made it to the Top 5 New Brooklyn galleries of 2011 according to The L Magazine, got some praise from ARTINFO, completely sold out Julie Torres pieces, and last but not least had a supercool opening party at Paper Swan Loft that was widely attended and remembered long after. This all gave us a lot of motivation for the second show and for its offline opening! This times has teamed up with 950 Hart Gallery, a new Bushwick art space with a great chill vibe located in a duplex loft right off the Dekalb L stop.

Together, 950 Hart and are bringing you an offline pop up art opening of Mushroom Universe.

‘Mushroom Universe’ takes a tour through the spotty memories, bringing forward the perceptions, images, shapes and colors of the lavish decade of the 90s. Mushroom Universe is a celebration of this subconscious but overt return to the cultural references, symbols, and colors of the 1990’s in the works of Andrea BergartMatthew Mahler and Ken Kocses.

On February 10, from 7 to 10pm, you have a unique chance to see the physical art from Mushroom Universe, and to meet the artists, totally offline…Also DJ Jojo Soul will be spinning 90s music, and 90s outfits are totally encouraged.


#2 Reptar, Fort Lean, Tiny Victories, and Casual Curious @ Shea Stadium //Monday 8-11PM

It hasn’t been too long since we convinced our crush on Bushwick band Fort Lean. With a Bushwick-based duo Tiny Victories we are openly madly in love. Casual Curious are pretty cool as well. This combination of bands doesn’t leave us with anything else that to absolutely recommend stopping by Shea Stadium tonight for a dance! Music will be rad!


#3 Status Update @ Vaudeville Park //Thursday 7-9PM

Vaudeville Park presents a really interesting social media-related art show on Thursday. Artists Adam Eckstrom, Bonnie Pipkin, Jen Rodewald, Brina Thurston, and Ian Umlauf used their photography to tell diverse stories about their lives, interests and creative spheres on their Facebook pages.  When removed from their original context the images stand on their own as autonomous works of art with strong narrative and emotional content. The arrays of images document their way of thinking and moving through the real world, while playing with the mechanisms of the social media platform.


#4 Bushwick Movie Night @ Tandem //Tuesday 9PM

A popular bar Tandem is presenting their second of movie night on Tuesday night. They will be screening Bridesmaids! Do we need to say more?


#5 We Are Cinema: 50 Years of Film-Makers’ Co-op Exhibit & Screenings @ Microscope Gallery //Saturday 7-9PM

We Are Cinema is a month-long exhibit and screening series celebrating 50 years of the Film-Makers’ Co-op in NYC. It was in January of 1962 that filmmaker Jonas Mekas called an urgent meeting of about 20 avant-garde/independent filmmakers including Stan Vanderbeek, Rudy Burckhardt, Jack Smith, Ken Jacobs, and Gregory Markopoulos to discuss taking the means of exhibition and distribution into their own hands. Within months the Film-Makers’ Co-op was born. Under the stewardship of filmmaker MM Serra since 1991, the organization is now the oldest and largest artist-run cooperative in the world and membership continues to be open to anyone with a film or video work.


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