Our beloved pigeon town. The township of Boswijck. Bushwick.

So much has been going on lately…bars, restaurants, art spaces, lofts, DYI music venues. While the old ones leave, new ones come all the time. Despite all the changes, Bushwick has maintained its bohemian vibe, the vibe of creativity and community. We are all on an island; we’re in it together. It’s hard to explain this community feel to other people, but we know that you know. Bushwick has been accused of being in love with itself, and it’s most likely true in the best sense possible. We love Bushwick, and Bushwick loves us back…

It can be a challenge to keep track of all the places in Bushwick. Bushwick is so vast that the people who live along the JMZ train sometimes find it hard to follow what’s going on along the L train, and vice versa. New people, new places, old people, old unknown places…Bushwick Daily aspires to create a helpful resource that will always be on hand to all our readers. We are introducing the Bushwick Guide.

On the right side of our site you will always find categories of places. Just click on the category you’re interested in, and get a curated list of places in Bushwick. We have visited all of the listed places, and (for the most part) took all the photographs that will bring you right to the spot. Each entry will give you a couple of insightful tips and all the contact info you might need to connect with the place. We are starting with just handful entries, but we’re adding more and more place as we speak and will be adding more also in the future. Feel free to comment and share your experience with the spot. The categories will likely change in the future, as the Guide is work in progress. We are also very open to any suggestions you might have. Let’s share our knowledge.

Enjoy the Bushwick Guide!