Photos via gilf!

A thousand feet of glorious anti-gentrification tape is now available for your consuming pleasure. Street Artist gilf! announced today that she is selling her sought after barrier tape to the public for $60. According to Bowery Boogie, GILF has been wrapping the yellow tape around New York City for almost two years.

“I started to install [the tape] outside buildings owned by slumlords, and corporate businesses that were taking over spaces that once housed small businesses. It’s really effective in barring people from moving through certain spaces, just as gentrification actually does the same thing to entire communities when expensive homes and services move in and take over,” says the artist.

gilf!’s tape outside 5 Pointz in Queens

Back in March, gilf! installed the tape outside 5 Pointz in Queens to protest its destruction. In May, her tape resurfaced outside the Germania Bank Building at 190 Bowery and also at Pearl Paint on Canal Street after its demise.

A Brooklyn-based artist, gilf! (aka Ann Lewis) is known for her provocative and often controversial statements calling out social justice, environmental concerns and constructive evolution. Earlier this year, she created Define Progress, a performance piece for street artist Hanksy’s “Surplus Candy,” an illegal graffiti exhibition that took place inside an abandoned apartment building in the East Village.