Instagram/ @invader

French street artist known as Invader is bringing his signature pixelated mosaic works back to New York City. And can you guess where he went first? Bushwick. Collaborating with The Bushwick Collective, the first of Invader’s work is labeled “High in NY” and looks like a cat (or skull?) perched on top of a roof.

His second installation, located on the side of a red brick brick building at 360 Troutman Street, is a six-foot-tall Joey Ramone in dark glasses and a red-and-white striped shirt.

The Paris-based artist has installed more than 3,000 pieces in more than 60 cities around the world, according to his website. He relies on a pseudonym inspired by the classic arcade game Space Invaders and has kept his real identity under wraps for 15 years.

Photos via thebushwickcollective/invaderwashere

On his current NYC residency, Invader is being more cautious where he installs his work. On his last trip to New York, he was arrested while putting up one of his works on the Lower East Side (he wasn’t charged and continued to work in the city after being released). This time around, Invader decided to solicit building owners on Instagram to avoid arrest, according to a profile in the New York Times. He’s placing his mosaics in parts of buildings that won’t be easily accessible to people on the street, should someone want to vandalize them.

Invader has achieved Banksy-level fame in his native France, so we’re hoping this NYC residency gets this pioneering street artist the recognition he deserves. Go Invader!