Velazquez In Bushwick

Responding to anonymous graffiti reading: "kill elected officials"

Gutierrez Touts New Doula Program

The new Bushwick politician's signature accomplishment has been landing a program to pay for doula services in marginalized neighborhoods.

Sheriff Tows Bushwick ‘Pot Trucks.’ They Return A Day Later.

'Lots of product seized,' says the sheriff’s office about their latest haul.

Market Hotel Abruptly Cancels Sold Out John Hinckley Show

Fans express outrage at 'cowards’ at Market Hotel.

Man Dies In Bushwick Scooter Crash

"Central is really a bad corner,” one local says.

Bushwick Votes To Upgrade A Dog Park and Extend Some Curbs

Participatory budgeting is back and the results are in for how locals want to dole out $1 million in city funds. Yes dog park, no workout equipment

How Gerrymandering Almost Broke Apart Two Congressional Districts in Brooklyn

"The fix was in from the beginning," one congressman bemoaned before the lines were changed.

Everyone’s Running Now (For State Senate)

Redistricting moves and scatters a heated political race, while Elizabeth Crowley has committed to moving within the borders of wherever it is she ends up representing.

Can A Bushwick Pol Make It To Albany?

A mildly contentious lieutenant governor race gives a local career politician a possible comeback.

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