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Still trying to figure out your costume for Halloween? Well, we can’t help you there, but we do have a massacre of events if you still haven’t figured out your Halloween plans. Whether you want to dance like disco is undead, or you just want to jam out to some hauntingly fun bands, there’s an event for you. But be warned: The Halloween puns only get stronger from here… The horror…

#7: 38 Grand Design: Halloween w/ Nicky Siano, Luke Jenner, Lee Bannon, Nightcoregirl, Bruce Smear, Doss, plus much much more @ Trans-Pecos (SAT 10PM, $20 early/$25 late)

They say the divide between our world and the spirit world is thinnest on Halloween, but this event will be the doorway to the other side. Two floors of music: one, Heaven and the other, Hell. But whether you’re enticed by vice or virtue, come worship the night with Nicky Siano, the legendary Studio 54 DJ and founder of The Gallery, along with 15 other artists until the sun comes up.

#6: Halloween 3.0 w/ Dear Leader (NYC) + members, Delicate Steve & friends, Celestial Shore, Very Fresh + members, and DJ Lewd Mila @ The Silent Barn (SAT 9PM, $10 w/Costume | $12w/o)

silent barn halloween

The 90s have come back to haunt us. So if you never got to see Carson Daily host TRL during its heyday, this is the closest you’ll get to seeing acts like Mariah & Britney, or the Pumpkins & Ramones, or Alanis Morissette. *We’ve also been asked that you leave your pogs at home.

#5: Joanna Gruesome, Aye Nako, King of Cats, PWR BTTM @ Shea Stadium (SAT 9PM, $12)

shea stadium halloween

Time to get a little weird on some indie music and nondenominational rock and/or roll.

#4: Dances as T.Rex, Jangula as David Bowie, Heliotropes as Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers, Piers as Fleetwood Mac, & Stinger as The Smiths @ Alphaville (FRI 7PM, $8)

Less famous people pretending to be more famous people from the 70s and 80s. ~SPOOKY!~

#3 DON’T SLEEP: w/ The Deep feat: Luka Tacon & David Kiss, Jefferson909, David Hohme, and “SUPER SPECIAL GUESTS” @ unknown (SAT 11PM, final tix release: $60+tax)

The location of the victims could not be verified, but the sole survivor reports it was a two room warehouse with an outdoor sculpture garden & open bar from 11pm to midnight. All he could say after that was, “All I wanted was to dance to some electro disco!”

#2 HIGH WAISTED @ The Gateway, then After Party @ Los Feliz (SAT 9:30PM, FREE)

Live Acid Surf Rock, then your choice of 3 spooky floors to dance yourself to death at the after party. Plus Cheap Booze, Photo Booths, Free Gift Bags, Costume Contest, & more. I hear this’ll be to die for.

#1: Les Sans Culottes, The Yeahtones feat. Members of EMEFE; DJs Ol’ Stark, Repoman, and frenemies; with special guest Tommy Jose Stathés; and your MC Tanya Solomon as “Meka Hiny Ho” @ TO BE ANNOUNCED (SAT 9PM, $10/$20 after 2AM)

This is a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse of Horrors! theme. If you’re old enough to remember the show, you’ll understand why I’m terrified. Secret location near the Jefferson L will be announced on the facebook page.