poster by Ryan Soper

Cat lovers rejoice! On Sunday, May 24, a bevy of feline fun descends upon The Silent Barn in Bushwick for the 3rd ever bi-annual Meow Day.

The event, which benefits the all-volunteer cat rescue group “A Tale of Two Kitties” will feature kitty-themed crafts and wares, adoption and much more. As if you needed further purr-suation to attend, we spoke with organizer Jackie Du for the inside scoop on Meow Day. Read on for Jackie’s take on cat puns, cat worship, and how Meow Day helps solve NYC’s stray cat blues.

Take a photo with Space Cat to benefit a Tale of Two Kitties!

How does the 3rd iteration of meow day differ from past versions?

It has blown up in an insane viral way that cat memes dream of doing and we are so excited and hope to raise money to support A Tail of Two Kitties’s rescue efforts and care for street cats throughout Brooklyn and Queens!

Tell me more about A Tale of Two Kitties.

The proceeds from the vendors will be donated to our partner, an all-volunteer rescue group, A Tail of Two Kitties, They are a non-profit organization serving primarily the Ridgewood/Bushwick area who are committed to solving New York City’s cat overpopulation crisis through the humane method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Through caring for street cats, they find MANY friendly cats and kittens. These kitties are placed in temporary volunteer foster homes while they await permanent adoption into good homes. The reward is being able to place a wonderful cat or kitten into a loving home and knowing there is one less struggling on the street that night!

Aside from being a cat lover, what was the original inspiration for the event?

The inspiration for the event comes from seeing stray cats in the neighborhood and figuring out how to find them homes! And of course the viral nature of internet cats, cat culture in general, and wanting to bring cat nerds together into one place and see what happens….

How do you feel about cat puns?

Silent Barn will be serving Meowmosas and other cattastic beverages and treats all day!

Approximately how many cats/kittens will be available for adoption?

About 8-12!

What do you think about the Come With Me Kitty™ harness for cats?

I’m no expert on kitty harnesses, but Carissa of A Tail of Two Kitties recommends the Kitty Holster, which we hear Jackson Galaxy also approves of!

Speaking of kitty harnesses, would you advise people bring their cats?

If your pet cat is leash-trained, sure! Your crowd-loving kitty can definitely attend & shop the meow-market part of Meow Day; try on Business Catual bow ties; get a picture with Space Cat. We just ask that your cat does not enter the yard where the adoptable kitties are, to ensure their comfort and safety. It really is up to your own judgement if you think bringing your cat is a good idea… The Facebook event has over 1,000 people RSVP’d…

Sacred Pussy Zine

Tell me about Sacred Pussy zine! How do you feel about the word pussy? Empowering or an insult?

It’s a really great investigation into the history of cat worship! At first I misread it as scared pussy and was immediately repulsed but intrigued. Language is fluid, and changes with time: I think this project can be a great contributor to the positive connotations of the word: pussy

How do you think cats feel about the word pussy?

Zzzzzzz 😛

Can crafters still apply?

We are just about at capacity with vendors for this time, but feel free to apply and you will be considered for future Meow Days!

What do you hope non-cat lovers will take away from the event, should they decide to brave it?

Caring for street cats is not just for cat lovers!

Meow Day, on Sunday, May 24, 12-5pm, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave, Bushwick. Free admission, all ages, family friendly.