Image via car2go

Smart cars crack me up. Driving one feels like driving  a half-car, or something slightly larger than a scooter. I also think they are both ridiculous and cute at the same time, and whenever I’m driving one and pass another one, I honk the horn as in: “Hello, lil brother!  We’re both so uncool that it’s cool.”

You probably saw these tiny smart devils in Bushwick lately more often than usual. That’s because car2go, the smart car sharing company has officially expanded to Bushwick as of April 29.

So what the hell is car2go and why should you care? Well, for starters, there is no L train after the Bedford stop this weekend again… And hopping on car2go is as easy as texting your date you will not be late this time!

So after you sign up on their website (sign up rate is $35 but with a special code for Bushwick Daily readers you will pay only $20! Just type in BUSHWICK1530 and enjoy 30 minutes of complimentary drive time too); you will receive a member card; you need to download their app, and you’re pretty much set to go.

Using their app you can locate a car parked near you; you can book the car for up to 30 minutes before you need it; and you can open it with your member card (and I hear that in the near future the member cards will be fully replaced by the app–good call!).

You can drive around for $.41 per minute plus tax ($14.99 plus tax per hour). You can make a stopover and leave the car, in which case you’re paying by the minute. And once you’re done, you just leave the car safely parked in the Home area of Brooklyn. Check out the map below:

car2go map

You’re never required to fill up the gas in your vehicle, I mean how awesome is that!

And now you can be the Bushwick driving boss. A teeny tiny Bushwick driving boss…