Filming of Fox Show “Gotham” Overtook Palmetto St in Ridgewood Last Week

The “Gotham” film crew at working setting up the scene under the M Train tracks off Seneca Ave.

All photos by Kelly Mancuso

Palmetto Street was shut down between Seneca and Cypress Avenues on Wednesday, February 25th for the filming of the Fox television hit series “Gotham.” Lighting and film trucks lined the surrounding streets as crews worked into the night to film an outdoor fight scene under the M train for an upcoming episode of the show.

“Gotham” traces the paths of iconic Batman characters as they evolve into heroes and villains. The series focuses on a young Jim Gordon’s work as a detective with the GCPD.  Gordon, played by actor and “O.C.” alum Ben McKenzie, attempts to remedy Gotham City’s corruption and crime, while trying to solve the recent murder of a young Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Classic “Gotham” villain The Riddler, played by actor Cory Michael Smith, was on location in Ridgewood on Wednesday night. Smith’s character has yet to fully evolve into The Riddler on the show. Instead, he remains Edward Nygma, a quiet forensics lab technician working in the GCPD crime lab. Nygma enjoys presenting Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue, with riddles in addition to his forensic findings, hinting at his future identity.

The Riddler / Edward Nygma’s car with Gotham City vanity plates “RIDL LVR”

Smith’s character Edward Nygma has rarely, if ever, been seen outside of GCPD headquarters. The scene filmed in Ridgewood showed Nygma (Smith) in a plaid rain jacket and his iconic glasses. Onlookers were also treated to an advanced peak at his car, a vintage seafoam green Mid-Century four door with Gotham City vanity license plate “RIDL LVR.” From the iconic Batmobile to the Penguin’s Duck Car, vehicles always played a major role in the Batman universe of DC Comics. This is significant, as viewers of “Gotham” have yet to see The Riddler / Nygma’s car. This would also make it the first iconic villain’s vehicle of its kind to appear on the show.

Smith happily greeted fans and onlookers, posing for photos and signing autographs in between takes.  He was very appreciative of their support of the show, and even thanked local residents for lending him their street and neighborhood to film on. Fans and those curious about the show can tune in to Fox 5 at 8pm every Monday night. Be on the lookout for that vintage green car parked beneath the M train underpass, it might just be Palmetto Street making its small screen debut!

“Gotham” star Cory Michael Smith greeting fans and thanking them for their support of the show

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