This lot might turn into Bushwick’s “mini-Smorgasburg.”

Image courtesy of Shwick

One of the business in Bushwick that makes us constantly smile is Shwick Market on 6 Charles Pl. The founders Christopher and Jinyen Carew have been working pretty hard since their launch in October last year to bring us an awesome selection of cool local vendors (shout out to Aliens of Brooklyn who sell cat-faced beanies!), including some pretty special food vendors (whoa! phumplings!).

And these special food vendors have likely inspired the Shwick folks to start thinking about a food garden to open this spring. Shwick FoodGarden will be something “like a Beer Garden, but with lots of different food, not so much beer. Think a mini-Smorgasburg, but with Bushwick-friendly prices,” emailed us last week Christopher.

Shwick is currently looking for 30 food vendors in addition to their regular inside market. “If we do get enough food vendors to sign on, we hope to take over the empty lot behind us,” told us Christopher. “Regardless of the number of food vendors signing up, we will have new food options every weekend outside, before you walk inside,” he added.

Christopher explained that Shwick FoodGarden would have a seating area, and perhaps some live music to add some energy to the current vibe.

“There’s not a huge selection of food in this part of Bushwick, and we’d love to help bring new, food options to the neighborhood and let the marketplace decide what works,” said Christopher about their tentative plans. “There’s nothing like this in the area, which means there’s no proof it will work.  But that’s a chance we’re willing to take,” he concluded.

The FoodGarden  should begin the weekend of April 18th and 19th, and will run every weekend from 11am-7pm, until December 19th and 20th. 15 tents each will each be split in two vending spaces, makins place for 30 vendors. Each space will be $150/day. If you’re interested in applying to be a vendor at Shwick FoodGarden, fill out their application here

Shwick is located at 6 Charles Pl. Their hours are Tuesday to Friday from 11AM-7PM (Pop Up Shop) and 11AM to 7PM on the weekends (Market of Makers).