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Last night at around 10PM, the area of Montrose L train in East Williamsburg, which is colloquially referred to as Bushwick, has officially been graced by a celebrity 10,000 times cooler than any other celebs who hang out in Bushwick on the reg. The wonderful, explosive, innovative, immortal Björk was seen at Tradesman bar and subsequently disappeared in the depths of The Well on Meserole St.

Update: A representative of The Wick/The Well has informed us that Björk popped in to see the third Tinnitus Music Series show with Vessel, Container, and Noveller.  Isaiah David sent us a pic of her hanging out and a dancing video to Vessel!


#Björk hanging out

A photo posted by @yeezuswalkwithme on Feb 4, 2015 at 8:20pm PST

#Vessel…oh and #Björk A video posted by @yeezuswalkwithme on Feb 4, 2015 at 10:13pm PST


A couple of social media bombs went off shortly thereafter:

AT A BAR. BJORK IS HERE. — sarah aument (@SarahAument) February 5, 2015

Bjork just leaned over my shoulder and asked if they had champagne by the glass. True. In a Brooklyn bar. — Kim Davis (@WilfridPinkPig) February 5, 2015

We spoke with Alec Stephens III, who is a well-known Bushwick face thanks to his rock & soul band I AM THE THIRD and the fact that he is the manager at Pine Box Rock Shop. Alec has witnessed the grace herself as he was arriving to a band rehearsal at on Meserole St.

“I was standing next to my bass player, Kat Melen, and she asked me if that was Bjork walking up behind me. I turned around and looked at the woman in white in the center of the approaching entourage and quickly noticed that it definitely was,” told us Alec.

The bass player Kat was apparently waiting in the nearby bar, Tradesman right before the rehearsal and noticed Bjork and her crew as well.

“She could tell that English wasn’t their first language and noticed people staring at her, and was pretty sure it was Bjork,” added Alec. Apparently Björk was buying drinks for her crew. (Aww, of course she was!)

Alec further told us that he saw Bjork only briefly but has no doubt it was her. She and her group approached and swiftly entered The Well. After which other small groups of people arrived.

So what was Bjork doing at The Well? Was she playing a super-secret show, to which we were not invited? (Aaaah!) Was her appearance connected to her upcoming MoMA retrospective, which opens on March 7 or to her six NYC shows planned in March in connection with the release of her album Vulnicura? Have you seen her? Have you snapped a picture of her angelic white outfit? Do you know anything about her Bushwick whereabouts? If so email me at katarina[AT] and stay tuned for more updates!