Part subversive, sarcastic piss-take on modern commerce, part avante-garde art party and all ass-dropping dance orgy called Club Dallas is going down this coming Friday at the new-ish venue Aviv (located all the way down at 496 Morgan Ave in Greenpoint).

Rebekah Luna, Ryan Du Tou, Trey La Trash, DJ Lucas, and Paul Gondry (yes, that Gondry’s prolific artist son) have created a happening worthy of the unpredictable, tongue-n-cheek, absurdum of New York’s 1970’s pop constructivists.

Late night DJ sets will be covered by one of Moombathon’s best, DJ Aden. He’ll be joined by Moomba superstars MaxX & EJ and Cousin Cole til the 4AM alarm. For those of you who don’t know Moomba–it could be described as a less-militant machina style with a slice of jungle. I’m sure that clears things up…

Club Dallas is many things according to it’s founders Rebekah Luna and Ryan Du Tou who spin together as Vacuus. It’s hard to tell when they’re being serious or simply building a fiction with the characters they’ve adopted for this exhibition. Sarcasm and sincerity are two sides of a very thin coin here.

Rebekah calls herself an atheist mystic anarchist dismantling the Master’s house with his own tools. Whether she is referring to the stripped and collaged dance party that she calls a tearing down of the “rave slave” culture she’s “escaped,” or the cult-like lifestyle secret society, she describes it with a smirk I’m not quite sure about.

But what I do know is that come Friday, a literal crowd of incredible DJ’s and performance artists will fill Aviv to the walls. We’ll get a video/sculpture installation by Paul Gondry, two piñantas filled with, well, stuff you’ll have to see for yourself, a tattoo station, a selfie booth, yoga mats, and a salad bar (yeah, I know, right?).

Paul Gondry uses sculptures and projections to merge a glamour and the corporate space. “We live in the most corporate city ever. The theme of the installation plays on that reality in a totally incongruous space. The corporate expo theme is building a platform to make fictional pseudo-professional affectations we expect in that space, twisted and mocked. A glamour of a cold, institutionalized paradigm,” Gondry told us. He is also performing with his hip-hop act Tinyleg between DJ sets.

“What to expect at Club Dallas? Hot bodies cool styles. Low prices? It’s a deconstruction of commerce,” told us Ryan.

I decided to stock up on grains of salt to take his and Rebekah’s comments with. Comments like:

Club Dallas is a refuge for mass identity crises.

Club Dallas is where fantasy rims reality.

Club Dallas is a commentary on modern social media stuff. Like, it’s too complicated. That’s the humor of it.

Club Dallas is so metal and deep it went past black all the way back to white. That’s why we wear white.

Butts and orgasms are the path to enlightenment. It’s all about survival of the cutest. We bring people to the fifth dimensional pussy.

We’ll be celebrating butt selfies and latte art and millionaires. The 1% is totally welcome.

Madeleine will be there with a clipboard taking notes for our sci-fi research into night spas.

It’s a multi-tasking conference.

Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Mariah Carey will be there as a human centipede sewn together by Elton John.

Take from that what you will, but, if for nothing else, it’s going to be a fuckton of fun.

Club Dallas, 496 Morgan Ave, Greenpoint, this Friday, 6, 10PM-6AM, $10, 18+. RSVP on Facebook here.