Courtesy of Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

Oh goody gum drop! January is almost over, we’re finally recovering from the Holidays, Spring is somewhere on the horizon and… the L train is deciding it wants to just be part-time for a bit come end of March. Okay, we get it, L train, you’re overworked and under appreciated (most of the time), but don’t go running off on us now. After you had a forced vacation day this past Monday we realized how much we (sometimes) <3 you.

From March 24 to May 22, the L train will not run between 8th Ave and Bedford Ave from midnight to 5am, Tuesdays through Fridays. Then weekends from April 18 through May 18 the L train will be shut down between 8th Ave and Bedford Ave. If you want to cross the bridge you will have to rely on the J/M/Z (lol) or the zombie apocalypse, I mean, shuttle bus. Also, coming from a native Queens girl, if all else fails jump on the bus! It’s times like these I am tempted to resurrect my 8th grade Razor scooter.

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via Gothamist