Brooklyn Nightlife Awards Voting Has Just Started! Vote for Bushwick Daily as the Best Publisher

Merrie Cherry hosting last year’s Brooklyn Nightlife Awards (photo by Kaitlin Parry for Bushwick Daily)

Friends, for the past two years Bushwick Daily has been nominated as the Best Publisher at Brooklyn Nightlife Awards, and two times exactly we’ve lost to Next Magazine. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Next Magazine. They are an awesome guide to (not only) gay culture in NYC, they come out as a fancy print mag, and their editor is a really hot fella. But wouldn’t it be nice if we had a change for a change?

We thought so.

We want a Brooklyn Nightlife Award bad; in fact we want it more than any award ever; more than a Pulitzer for that matter. Brooklyn Nightlife Awards is a DIY event organized by Bushwick’s beautiful LGBTQ community; a brain child of the most amazing queen of them all, Merrie Cherry. And guys, we’re just like that. Totally grassroots, from zero-to-hero style online mag bringing you information about all sort of awesome events in our beloved neighborhood and beyond. And we really stand for love and nothing but love no matter who you are and what you’re into.

Just think about Bushwig, a drag festival we’ve been covering from its inception in 2012, helping to spread the word to the entire city.  Last year, our reporter Henry Miller went in drag both days, and he rocked it! Furthermore, we do these weekly guides to art, music and parties to keep you up to date! And let’s not forget our super-duper weekly events newsletter!

Still don’t think we deserve the award over Next? Well, did you know that we lost quite a big client because they didn’t like that we covered the Smallest Penis Contest in Bushwick? And we told them to f*ck off because no matter if small or large, we love all your penises (and vaginas, of course)!

So darlings, chop chop, fill out your voting ballots here, and don’t forget: Bushwick Daily as the Best Event Publisher!

Thank you!

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