Let The Right One In: 5 Ragers for the Weekend

When the going gets rough, let the cocktail find you. Whether it’s a PBR slushie with MSG flakes on top, a venomous absinthe concoction, or straight up tequila shots, there’s only one way to battle the cold weather. Once you’re good, get your tipsy ass to a show! DISCLAIMER: If you don’t drink, there’s still plenty of fun and good music awaiting, PLUS you get to laugh at drunk people. Win.

#5 Crocodiles / Lazyeyes / The Teen Age / Shark Week @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar, 165 Banker St (SAT 8PM, $FREE)


#4 Error404: Factory Settings @ Secret Location (SAT 11:59, $20)

Mysterious Description. Secret Location. Presale tickets only.  Free Vodka. Ready?

#3 Lost Boy?, Infinity Girl, Pinegrove, Happy You @ Aviv, 496 Morgan Ave (FRI 8PM, $7)

If you were looking for a boy who’s lost and a girl who’s infinite, a grove that’s piney and a you that’s stoked.

#2 Beverly, Honduras, Christines @ ALPHAVILLE, 140 Wilson (FRI 8:30 PM, $10)

Alphaville’s back dance/showroom is now fully functional so it’s time to christen it in style!

#1 CHERYL presents BUGGED @ Secret Project Robot, 389 Melrose St. (SAT 11PM, $10)

Dance party collective Cheryl celebrate 7 years with a rager full of costumes, performances, a surveillance theme, and more!

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