Welcome to the center of NYC. (Screen shot from Google Maps, yo.)

“So you think you’re the center of the world?” a mildly annoyed resident of a formerly cool neighborhood, say, East Village asked every single one of us. We were just raving a little bit too much about that insanely awesome DIY music show at Tea Factory Lofts we went to last weekend; and yep, we should have probably been quiet about that neighborhood-wide gallery walk as well.

Some peeps simply get jealous over all these cool things we take for granted and, and deem it necessary to remind us again and again that Bushwick is not the center of the world. After all we ended up “only” as the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world on Vogue’s list. If it was at least the 6th place…

But let me tell you something folks. Next time you’re grumpy East Village friend tells you Bushwick is not the center of the world you can like totes tell them to shut up because it turns out we are. The Department of Transportation told News 12 that the intersection of Dekalb and Broadway Avenues in Bushwick is totally the geographic center of New York City. And so if that spot is the center of NYC, which obviously is the center of the world that makes Bushwick….. Indeed, center of the world!