A Bushwick Winter. #bushwick #winteriscoming #snowday

A photo posted by Nadine Faria (@hownadineofyou) on Jan 26, 2015 at 1:32pm PST

Blizzard gently named Juno hit us on a short notice like a teenage pregnancy just when we were about to declare this year’s winter mild.

Though many of Bushwick’s nine-to-fivers spent their day at work today, we hope you have already braved the insanity of grocery stores by now, got yourself enough food for the next 48 hours, and undertook to implement at least three of our six pieces of unsound advice.

Our contributor Jenna Aranda who works in music industry. “We are scrambling to scan everything to work off the cloud,” she told us. “I have lived through earthquakes; hurricanes and monsoons that have sent the family car through the living room […] but New York natural disasters are quite unique in that you have all this time before hand to contemplate things,” Jenna added.

Another contributor to Bushwick Daily, Brittany Natale who works on a freelance basis noted that she’s not even bothering to go to her space at 17-17 Troutman building today. “The thought of even walking home in the snow later sounds like no fun!” Brittany spent the day grocery shopping: “Key Food on Wyckoff was pretty busy and the deli counter was running out of cold cuts. There was a lot of people super duper stocking up and I heard a lot of people saying they didn’t know what to expect.”

In case you decided to defy the odds and to spend tonight’s blizzard in the coziness of your favorite neighborhood bar, we have some good news for you. A relatively large number of Bushwick bars and restaurants will remain open even tonight. Divine Bar & Grill on 896 Broadway has opened at 4pm and will stay open until 10pm, possibly much later. The Rookery‘s Jamie Schmitz jokingly replied that they are like the postman: no sleet or snow can stop them. Friendly bar at 425 Troutman Street will be having normal hours and even the usual late night burgers will be served. Cain’s Tavern (36 Wilson Avenue) does not contemplate closing down due to snow this week at all. “We’re stocked up for the blizzard with tons of booze for frozen Bushwickers,” emailed us the owner Aaron Augenblick. Newly open Ridgewood bar and restaurant Julia’s (59-17 71st Avenue) will stay open with extended hours. Union Pizza Works (423 Troutman Street) is also staying open and hopeful, though they might close early. For now they, however, remain well-stocked on wood to burn and on delicious pizza to be eaten. 

Cafe Ghia (24 Irving Avenue) will however close early at 5pm and will stay closed for tomorrow’s brunch and probably also for dinner. “Too many of our employees need to take the train to get to and from work for us to stay open,” emailed us the owner Anna D’Agrosa. Ethiopian Bunna Cafe (1084 Flushing Avenue) is closed already.

If you were planning on restocking on quality raw chocolate, you’ll be sad to hear Bushwick’s premier chocolatiers, Fine & Raw (288 Seigel Street) have closed today at 3pm and will re-open on Wednesday. Ridgewood’s Norma’s is closing early too. Spacious Kave located at The Loom building (1087 Flushing Avenue) is maintaining its regular hours from 8am to 8pm. Manager Evan Saffer emailed us that in addition to coffee they are well-stocked on awesome organic menu of artisanal sandwiches and other house made baked goodies. Kave also has ample bottled water and additional heaters. 

Shwick Market (6 Charles Pl) was forced to cancel their fitness workshop tonight, and co-working space Bat Haus (279 Starr Street) is maintaining its regular hours until 7pm. As far as their events Drink N’ Draw on Wednesday and Shameless Self-promotion Workshop on Thursday go, they’ll play by ear, and see how the weather evolves emailed us co-owner Natalie Chan. If you decide to tattoo JUNO on your lower back, do so at MEATTT Inc. (184 Noll St) because they’ll be open. 

However you decide to spend your time snowed in, just make sure you’re safe, well-fed, and don’t forget to help a friend in need who may be lacking the funds to stock up right now, or his or hers living situation is not ideal. The subways will be running only sporadically today after 7pm and will be suspended after 11pm, so keep it local!