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Rough winter winds and the lack of sunshine are conducive to start feeling blue. And even Bushwick, an old good friend who was highfiving us all summer is suddenly all grey and cold. But Bushwick, you can’t fool us, there’s so much to appreciate you! Just look at these 101 reasons to be thankful in this amazing neighborhood. Feel free to add your reasons you love it here in the comments, and happy Thanksgiving to all.

#1 Bushwick Farmers’ Market at Maria Hernandez during weekends that provides the neighborhood with a supply of fresh produce.

#2 Bushwick having it’s very own collection of short stories, Bushwick Nightz!

#3 The $1 Mood lipsticks at 99 Cent World on Knickerbocker Ave.

#4 The Chilaquiles at Carrerra’s.

#5 Nurture We‘s commitment to helping mom’s with Post-Partum Depression.

#6 The chocolate-dipped strawberries at Circo’s.

circos valentines day

#7 Still Waters in a Storm for helping kids with their homework after school. No kid likes doing their homework alone!

Photo via Still Waters in a Storm Website.

#8 The Black Box gallery at Bizarre always showing amazing photographic work.

#9 The $2 Lions Head drinks at The Johnson’s when you need a cheap date.

#10 House of Screwball’s Tarot Society at Catland, which helps us sort our lives out on a monthly basis THANK GOD.

#11 Wyckoff Heights Medical center for giving out free condoms and STI tests.

#12 Silent Barn for all the little things it does – from DIY concerts and art shows to $5 haircuts and in-house workshops.

#13 This Secret Garden in Bushwick named after Avellar G. Hansley.

#14 The Pickleback shot at the Pine Box. The pickle juice is like the red flash in Men in Black – like the whiskey never happened.

#15 Meryl Meisler‘s photo book, Disco Era Bushwick, which is a very important retrospect to our neighborhood.

Meryl Meisler inside Bizarre’s Black Box Gallery during Bushwick Open Studios 2014 (Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

#16 The delish Duck Confit at Mominette.

#17 The clarity perfume from Bottanica San Miguel that grounds you a bit when you’re going cray.

#18 Mellow Pages Library‘s collection of independently published work and their commitment to shedding light and love on emerging writers.

#19 The chorizo quesadilla from Los Hermanos, which still remains to be filling, yummy and affordable.

#20 The sushi bombs at Momo’s. OMG.

#21 Linty Toe’s recycled children’s clothes.

#22 Livestream for buying The old 3rd Ward space and making it into something amazing.

#23 The El Pabillon Empanada from Guacuco. #hangovercures

#24 The Chocolate Chai Latte with Guinness from Jubilee Cafe.

#25 Speaking of lattes, also Kave‘s signature lavender latte that’s like an herbal dessert-pick-me-up.

Holiday drinks GALORE at Kave. All photos by Cat Agonis for Bushwick Daily

#26 BangOn! for converting warehouses into incredible parties with DJ’s, installations and plenty of dancing.

#27 The Banana Fosters Milkshake at The Wheelhouse.

#28 Vanessa Martir for being a literary force out who grew up in Bushwick. We’re thankful for her blog where she writes beautifully about her life and important issues.

Meryl Meisler and Vanessa Martir met up in a diner on 23rd Street. (Photo by Katarina Hybenova)

#29 The Ladybug sandwich from Hana! A weird and must-try delicacy.

#30 Fairweather Bushwick for serving homemade soup in the cold months.

#31 Alleycat Exterminating for ridding Bushwick of rodentia and other pests for 20 years. It’s a dirty job, but at least someone’s here to help us out with it.

#32 The Mofongo dish at Cafe Ghia. Dakota Fanning-approved.

#33 The ASPCA Mobile Clinic that visits Maria Hernandez on the weekends. You can get your kitty or dog neutered, vaccinated AND microchipped for $125 or for $5 if you have a Medicaid.

#34 Can we just say Maria Hernandez Park in general for being an active greenspace where people can play handball, walk their dogs, jog and connect?

#36 The B60 for when the L decides to be LAME. #callforbackup

#37 Bushy Tails for always having a selection of kitties for adoption in their store.

#38 Cobra Club for their free concerts, comedy nights, great draught list, doughnuts – but mostly for their no card minimum before 4PM.

Cobra Club (photo by Therese Maher for Bushwick Daily)

#39 Lea Delaria for being a member of our community and standing up for equality on the M Train.

#40 The chocolate chip banana bread at Swallow Cafe.

#41 The after school program at St. Matthias Church.

#42 Bushwick Art Crit Group‘s inspiring artist sessions and its founder, Christopher Stout’s passion for Bushwick art and solidarity.

Photo by Katie Killary for Bushwick Daily

#43 The CVS Pharmacy at Myrtle/Wyckoff – Sure it’s commercial but it has cheaper TP than at some bodegas and in Bushwick THAT’S saying something.

#44 Rooftop views.

Photo by Ryan Brower

#45 Plenty of options for football Sunday.

#46 Awesome places to work on photography – Bushwick Community Darkroom and ArtPhotoArt!

#47 The Bushwick Food Coop’s dry goods & spice selection. Where else can you get high-end coffee, tricolor quinoa, shredded coconut, homemade pasta, and chamomile all for the lowest price points?

#48 FOUR bookstores in the neighborhood. Reading is good.

Read! At Molasses Books (gif by Katarina Hybenova)

#49 Good Yoga‘s amazing roster of classes and teachers.

#50 Obvi the Maria Hernandez dog park where you can meet other pooches in the neighborhood.

#51 The affordable and fun school uniforms from Shopper’s World. Cool-kid approved.

Girl in clothes from Shopper’s World. Photo by Essie Graham.

#52 Living Waters Fellowship‘s commitment to helping the homeless in the community.

#53 Always bumping into someone you know at every turn and knowing your neighbors.

#54 The 24-hour laundromat with arcade games on St. Nicholas and Palmetto. They really know how to help you carry a load now don’t they?

#55 Bunna Cafe for their incredible free music series Under The Grass Roof, which features live music from all around the world.

(photo from

#56 Make the Road‘s Bushwick location, dedicating itself to empowering and serving the Latino community.

#57 Desi Grill‘s $8 lunch special. Affordable. Tasty.

#58 The romantic rustle of an M train from the far window of a railroad apartment.

#59 Tito Silva’s custom kicks titled kustmkickz. Nobody does custom Jordans like Bushwick does.

Photo via @kustmkickz on Instagram.

#60 The cracklin’ pork belly at Tchoup Shop.

#61 The ambient city light that floods our streets and colors our clouds each evening.

#62 The Friday night meals and Saturday prayers at Chabad of Bushwick.

#63 The delicious, affordable pastries at Gaby’s Bakery on Knickerbocker Ave.

Some chocolate muffins from Gaby’s Bakery.

#64 Knickerbocker Ave in general for having all your shopping needs for cheap. Holler at those paper towel specials from the dollar stores!

#65 Bushwick Campus Farm for offering paid internships to young students whilst empowering them to grow their own food.

#66 Nyssa Frank and The Living Gallery for creating a space for art that involves all members of the community.

#67 Tina Trachtenburg’s installations that show us maybe pigeons aren’t so bad.

Photo by Dallas Athent for Bushwick Daily

#68 Mt. Paran Baptist Church’s soup kitchen, which has fed the hungry since 1992.

#69 The incredible galleries in 56 Bogart, including Fuchs and Momenta.

#70 Joe Ficalora’ for curating The Bushwick Collective murals. It’s the most incredible epicenter of street art in North Brooklyn and we can never stop talking about it.

Beau Stanton at The Bushwick Collective. Image via The Bushwick Collective Facebook Page.

#71 The ombre hair styles from Tomahawk Salon. Rainbow hair is awesome.

#72 The fact that you can shop both ethically AND affordably in Bushwick, everywhere from Rainbow to Better Than Jam.

#73 The juice smoothies from Owl Juice Pub. Ben Stiller loves them too 🙂

#74 The awesome and sometimes gory screenprinted tees at Scumbags & Superstars.

#75 The fact that someone finally decided to do something with the random triangle on Bogart and Flushing.

#76 Both of the fantastic public libraries we have in our community.

#77 Daryl-Ann Saunders‘ documentation of the residents of Bushwick who have been here for the long haul.

#78 The fact that Bushwick still manufactures local goods, including Lola Hats, that have been worn by celebrities all over the world.

All photos by Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily

#79 The plethora of art stores, all right here in Bushwick.

#80 The fact that Bushwick has the most amazing lofts.

#81 LOL. Did you really think we were gonna forget Arts in Bushwick for hosting BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS each year and bringing thousands to the community to support the arts?

#82 The Morgan Mule cocktail at Fitzcarraldo.

#83 The fact that Bushwick is the only place in the world where a deli meat exporter collaborates with artists to produce amazing installations once a year for BOS.

#84 Radio Bushwick for acting as a Jefferson community center with all the beautiful concerts they put on, worships they hosted and general good vibes they brought to Wyckoff Avenue.

#85 Can we bring up Bushwig? All the heels, glitter and lipstick you’ll ever need in every performance.

#86 The self-defense classes at Krav Maga.

#87  The affordable yet durable $12 bed covers at 3B to protect your mattress against bedbugs O_o

#88 The back room performance space at Brooklyn Fireproof that has served as a gallery and venue to musicians and artists for years.

#89 Bhati Studio’s commitment to holistic well-being and enlightenment.

All photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

#90 House of Yes for throwing awesome parties every season that include everything from awesome music to areal performances. To reopen in Jefftown soon!

#91 The adorable bodega cats that keep our produce pest-free.

#92 Being the home of Ruth Gruber, America’s youngest PhD, first female General and world renowned journalist. Did we mention she helped save 1,000 Jewish refugees during WWII?

Photo by Meryl Meisler

#93 We want to thank the heated lamps in the winter at the turnstiles at the Central Ave M station.

#94 We’re also thankful for the hot elote, con todo and/or esquites for sale on all the major corners after a long day at work and a long walk in the cold.

#95 Jeremy’s weekly comics that poke fun at us all.

jeremy nguyen nyc neighborhoods

#96 For the pro-boxing team Jamiva Boxing at Green Fitness Gym where elite fighters workout every day.

#96 Thankful to Rob at BikeLane (nestled within 2nd Nature Skate Shop) for caring about his customers and fixing a flat fast.

#97 For the stylish and cool cuts at Juanchi’s Salon & Barber Shop.

Photo via @juanchi_the_barber on Instagram

#98 We’re thankful to have such cool, cute & friendly pets in the neighborhood.

#99 That Bushwick has the best oyster specials in all of NYC!

Oysters at Mominette (Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

#100 The healthy and affordable Chicken Caesar Salad at Green Street Salads.

#101 We’re thankful for the morning bus drivers of the B57 who somehow always manage to be friendly during rush hour traffic on Flushing Ave.