Body Actualized Center, Beloved Cosmic Yoga Studio & Party Palace, Closing December 1

We’re beyond bummed to report that

on Troutman Street will be closing come December 1. Although the owners didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment, rumor has it that rent went up astronomically this year and the involved parties could no longer afford to stay in the work/live/yoga/party space.

After 3 years in business bringing members of the community together with feel-good yoga, unique programming, groundbreaking musical acts and a basic empowerment message, BAC’s shuttering is a huge shock. Owner Brian Sweeny, who calls it a “Lifestyle Synthesis Place” reflected on its closing:

Dear Body Actualized Community,

After a valiant attempt to save it, I have to announce that the 3-year-long festival in Bushwick Brookyn called Body Actualized Center is coming to an end DECEMBER 1st. BUT THE VIBE WILL 4EVER SUSTAIN.

I came to this city almost 6 years ago knowing almost no one, looking for a community to explore new ways of thinking and doing things and to share my energies and passions with. It took me a short while to find the community that surrounded the DIY music scene, specifically the one around the Market Hotel. In 2010, I began to curate and produce music show/ dance parties, sharing with Etienne Pierre DuguayJan Woo, andAurora Halal a vision of young people in Brooklyn DANCING while also same time having their minds expanded by experimental music. We started to look on craigslist for the perfect place to be home to this vision…6 months later I found 143 Troutman St. Jan, Etienne, and I, signed a lease immediately. We enlisted the help of 8 very special people, Danielle Duguay Anna Fitzgerald Austin Samsel Amy Marie Jenkins Angelina DreemNicholas Schneider Andrew Rinehart, JW, later to be joined by membersChristina Caceres, Sylena Samhain and Lyndsey Harrington , and the vision changed to incorporate a lifestyle and beautiful message that resounded with everyone. It quickly became a beloved home to the Bushwick artistic and spiritual/mystical community with yoga classes, insane hangout, and musical and performances happen on the reg. It became something so so much larger than ourselves or the Center. It has become a WORLDWIDE VIBE with people finding themselves and each other through open communication and making life more worth living by making fun happen on their own terms.

For the last year or so, me and Anna have been running the place while the rest of the crew caught their dreams. Thanks to Anna for her endless effort, energy, and vision.

Throughout my time at body actualized, I have had the privilege of hosting/booking/encountering countless musical artists (too many to tag…i’ll list them all out sometime). I really believe sound has the power to change the chemical makeup of even a fully formed adult. Ambient and experimental/non-lyrical dance music will always be a passion of mine and I will continue to book amazing shows under Vibes Intl and occasionallyBodii Actualized. If you know of any unique, amazing venue spaces, HMU! Also, I started a “music blog” with mah girl, Jen (to whom i am eternally grateful for her support). It’s It’s an attempt to create something perfect.

I am so excited for what comes next with the Body Actualized community and project. FYI: I AM LOOKING FOR COLLABORATORS, $, and leads on rural LAND UPSTATE. My dream is to start a RETREAT CENTER / tiny town close to NY where we can all go to be freaks on a regular basis. Imagine A DANCE HALL, AMPHITHEATER, 3-season YOGA room, FARM, a lake, a sculpture garden and a big house. Busses that go up often. This can all happen really quickly if we put our feelers out there. EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS AT

There are a few more events booked at the center for this weekend and some in the works for next week. Calling them “OUT OF BODY” Keep checking the events page for details.

THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ME AND THE CENTER, AND TO ALL THE ARTISTS WHO HAVE SHARED THEIR WORK. I LOVE YOU DEARLY. Thanks to Tom Ritchford for generously lending us the funds to make this happen at the very beginning. Bodii Actualized 100% changed my life. I’m gonna go work on my own music now, take care of my body, and read some books…. I am so happy we will always be connected on the internet.

….But where will we get our Tarot Cards Read / Roast Marshmellows / Rage Out / Practice Cosmic Yoga?

Everyone is going to miss this place, which provided a unique and authentic crossroads for all sorts of people and beliefs. The “last party ever” at the space took place last Saturday, but if we’re lucky, maybe they have one last surprise in store for this weekend… check out the below video all about the DIY scene in Bushwick, which came out back in 2013.

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