#BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover: Lucrezia Alcorn Explores DeKalb, Plus Stay Tuned for #NoBSBOS Photog Collab

Instagram Takeover – Lucrezia Alcorn, Dekalb boy subway street art

If you’ve checked the Bushwick Daily Instagram feed lately (and if not, you should get your tush over there!), you have caught a lot of photos from the DeKalb L stop area. That’s because, Lucrezia Alcorn, our guest photographer for the latest installment of our Insta-Takeover series, had a geographically based theme for the week. Her concept of #NextStopDeKalb had her spending a lot of time outside, exploring her immediate neighborhood. She focused on the people, businesses, food, booze and art, taking some sweet shots along the way. We loved that she took the opportunity to get to know her neighbors better, gaining a bit of insight into their lives and their experiences in Bushwick, and then introduced them to us!

What’s up next for our Instagram? Funny you should ask because this weekend is Bushwick Open Studios, DUH. We’ll have a rotating cast of photographers all participating in a #NoBSBOS-themed Insta-Takeover this weekend. So if you’re looking for recommendations, previews and highlights for this art-centric weekend from the experts who know Bushwick best, just head over to our feed.

While you’re waiting for BOS to begin, scroll down to meet just a handful of the DeKalb area faces, courtesy of the fabulous Lucrezia Alcorn…

Do you want to be the next photographer to take over our Instagram? Check out our Call for Photogs HERE!

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