Oriana from a blog

Brooklyn Spaces

wrote a great piece about Boswyck Farm. Enjoy!

Amid all the other creative movements in Brooklyn these days, farming is one that’s gaining ground. Brooklynites are farming in gardens (Trees Not Trash, Bushwick City Farm), on rooftops (Eagle Street, Roberta’s), even in trucks! They’re even farming hydroponically—which brings us to Boswyck.

Boswyck Farms is a young company, but they’re doing a lot. Of course they’re growing all manner of vegetables—from artichokes to dill to a dwarf apple tree—and they’re experimenting with new hydroponic systems all the time, including putting some on the roof of the Bushwick Starr. They also do a ton of outreach and projects within the community, like growing lettuce at an institution for adults with mental illness, and bok choy at a food pantry. They also work at schools all over the city, from elementary to high school, as science advisors and guest teachers and workshop leaders, and they even bring high school and college students into the farm as interns. It’s not just for kids, of course—anyone can volunteer.

Before you sign up for a shift, click through for the interview with Lee, Boswyck’s founder on Brooklyn Spaces blog.

There is definitely a lot of great urban farming going on all over New York, though Brooklyn does seem to be the epicenter. – Lee