With the conclusion of nearly two year run of a burlesque night I started at Piano’s of the lower east side, came retrospective and perspective.

My original plan was formulated during the first months of my move to Bushwick. I had a couple friends who I had met back in Boston, or traveling to fetish events in NYC and Florida who were involved with parties, art shows, events and performance spaces. I was excited to partner up, utilize as many spaces as possible and grow as a performer. What I did not know was that I seemed to have missed the boat of the burlesque revival by about 10 years or more, and indie performing arts by about 15. I saw the slew of opportunities to as I tend to merge all things into ONE. I saw it all in bright lights like a baroque Deitch parade, meets Priscilla, shot by Lynch, directed by Crispin Glover, in shades of grey. But maybe more like a conceptual and dark burlesque performance during an art show to start with. One thing lead to another, and while I still have yet to curate a parade of apocalyptic proportions, I managed to produce two parties at three venues over the course of 3 years, with only shades of black lung and a few years off the end of my life to show for it. 

I had become so convinced I was moving forward, so enveloped in the consistency of these events as they burrowed deeper into my calendar that I had forgotten to move forward. My greatest fear has been complacency, and here it was, staring right back at me on a weekly, or monthly basis.

Then suddenly, I suppose not that suddenly, as I remember the feeling from before I became overwhelmed by the dire urge to cut off an atrophied limb, as on a tree, to allow for new branches to sprout in it’s place and for the sun to reach the dead patch of dirt which had been previously obscured by shadows cast down by the thick branches. Too dark?? I immediately sat down to compose an email to the venue managers all 6 of them, “regretfully” announcing my departure from the cliches of yesteryear; moving forward, always forward, to seek out and conquer new movements of dance.


This week’s column was brought to you by:

sleep deprivation 1.5hrs to be precise, The Frankie sandwich from Little Skips, 1 iced soy late, 1 iced black coffee, and an ass load of Haaagen-Dazs vanilla fro-yo yest it has taken me the whole day to write these 500 words


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