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Arts in Bushwick

, Bushwick Daily is introducing local artists and spaces getting ready for Bushwick Open Studios. We were curious about the plans of

Little Skips

, a popular coffee/ creative hang out spot. We chatted with Henry Glucroft. a co-owner of “the home” to many of us…

Where are you located?

We’re located at 941 Willoughby.

What kind space are you?

According to Yelp and Google, we are a café primarily, then an art space and a restaurant. According to me, we are a place for people to come and meet, interact, and exchange ideas… Coffee and some snacks help to support the ability to offer that space to others….

Are you doing anything special for Bushwick Open Studios?

We are! We’re gathering approximately 10 local artists who are also regulars here at Little Skips.  Many of them actually come to the café that often that they are available for coffee interviews. Other artists that are part of the show are people who would come in more often if they lived a little closer. Our artists didn’t necessarily spend their entire lives in Bushwick, but they identify themselves with the Bushwick community and they feel like this is their home. And home for their art.

If you were a country, what country would you be?

The country that has no name. (laughter)

Make sure you don’t miss Little Skips on the map when touring Bushwick on the first weekend of June during Bushwick Open Studios ’11!