Weekend Gallery Guide

Every proper weekend in Bushwick starts with art! So put on your shiny shoes because there are 4 gallery openings and


open studios going on this week in Bushwick.

On Friday don’t miss Naturaleza Meurta, an exhibition of contemporary Mexican painting at The Laundromat. The Laundromat is one of the legendary Bushwick home galleries, so don’t be shy, and walk all the way through the hallway to apartment 1J.

On Saturday head to Microscope first and then to English Kills, end the night in Brooklyn Fire Proof! Su Friedrich, a photographer and a filmmaker, has a solo show in Microscope where she explores, among others, issues of sexual identity, Catholicism, the tensions between documentary & fiction.

English Kills is showing works of a bunch of Bushwick art scene regulars. Among others, the work of Tescia Seufferlein, the author of Sparkly Shoes hanging on Bogart. We wrote about her here. Go and say hi!

If you want to meet another Tuesday Person of ours, go to Brooklyn Fire Proof, because Rafael Fuchs is part of a group show taking place in Bushwick and in Dusseldorf, Germany at the same time.


who: The Laundromat

where: 70 Wycoff Ave, apt 1J

when: Friday, May 13 7-10pm

what: Naturaleza Muerta

-> the work of 5 emerging Mexican painters: Javier Areán (1969), Lilia Basulto (1982), Javier Peláez (1976), Rafael Rodríguez (1977) and Omar Rodriguez-Graham (1978)


who: Microscope

where: 4 Charles Place

when: Saturday, May 14 at 6-9pm

what: Su Friedrich, re: working

->Filmstrip Prints, Digital Collages, Photographs, Work Journals & Videos

who: English Kills

where: 114 Forrest #1

when: Saturday, May 14, 7-10pm

what: The Mother Ship + Special Guests -> group show

who: Brooklyn Fire Proof

where: 119 Ingraham St

when: Saturday, May 13 at 7pm

what: 3-Day Stand Bushwick-Dusseldorf -> group show

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