“And the Nominees Are…” Brooklyn Nightlife Awards To Be Held This Sunday at Radio Bushwick

Merrie Cherry hosting last year’s Brooklyn Nightlife Awards (photo by Kaitlin Parry for Bushwick Daily)

Yes, you’ve been a good kid and partied whole year like a busy bee. Well, now it’s time to get your prize! You hear us right, 2nd annual Brooklyn Nightlife Awards 2014 are virtually around the corner! This Sunday at 9PM, our fave new music venue, Radio Bushwick will turn all glamorous, beautiful and freaky!

Merrie Cherry, a charismatic hostess and the mother of the idea of the Awards, will again this year guide us through the exciting night of applause, music and performances, and while the voting has already ended, you can still use your mental force and energy to help to win the nightlife characters and institutions you love the most.

So who are the nominees? (Sneak Peek: Yes, Bushwick Daily made the short list again this year!! Wish us luck!)

The Best Visual Artist: Vj Mamiko Kushida, Tyler Wallach, Diego Montoya and Adam Michael

Best Event Publisher: Bushwick Daily (!!!), Gayletter, Next Magazine, The Culture Whore

Best Event to Leave Brooklyn: My Chiffon Is Wet, Hot Rabbit, Vandam, Westgay

Best Mixed Party: Witches of Bushwick, White Diamonds Black Onyx, The Spectrum, Hey Queen

Legend Award: Murray Hill, Acid Betty, Dario Speedwagon, Thorgy Thor

Best Social Media Presence: Chris Tyler, Contessa Stuto, Hamm Samwich, Mocha Lite

Drag Queen/King: Untitled Queen, Macy Rodman, Matty Beats X Horrorchata and Harry James Hanson

Scene Kids: Scarlet Envy, Chris Harris, Harry James Hanson and Andrew Robert Simon

Best Burlesque/Boylesque: Rify Royalty, Di Ba, Darlinda Just Darlenda and Scary Ben, JanTina

Best Bartender: Daniel Scott Erickson, Dylan Borne, Leslie Van Stelton, Pietro Scorsone

Promoter of the Year: Jorge Mdahuar, David John Sokolovski, Sarah Jenny and Avory Quincy, Trey La Trash

Best Event Photographer: Cameron Cole, Grace Chu, Santiago Felipe, Tink Coalescing


Best DJ: Amber Valentine, David John Sokolovski, Jessamess, Mikey Pop


For more info about the event, RSVP on Facebook.


DJ Jay FourWorld


– Thorgy Thor

– Haus of Sweat

– Darlinda Just Darlinda

– Scary Ben

– Mocha Lite

– Camille Atkinson

– Drae Campbell

– Goldie Peacock

– Hamm Samwich

– Jonathan & BPro

– Charlie Sheena



– Murray Hill

– Paisley Dalton

– Acid Betty

– Gaga of the Boone

– Avory Agony

– Derek Todd

– Scary Ben

– Adam Radakovich

– Earl Dax

– Darlinda Just Darlinda

– Kim Harris

– Tyler Stone

– DiBa

– Sarah Jenny

– Nicholas Goham

– Horrorchata

– David John Sokolowski

– Unittled Queen

– Trey La Trash

– Tom John Jackson

– Cher Noble

– Abi Benitez

– Matthew Silver

– Alotta McGriddles

– Mikey Pop

– Tyler Stone

– Babes Trust

– Matt Knife

– Alex Erikson

– Heather Acs

– Princess Mickey Jäger

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